Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Perfect Storm Hits Our Food Supply Chain?

We have been watching food production been destroyed for the past three years without comment by the MSM.  This is absurd of course and do not think that all this is not been tracked as well.

At some point the boot  will drop.

I am assuming this is enemy action.  Rather too obvious for my likng though.  We also have other scare stories out there whose truth remains elusive.  After all, when you have one source of information, fact checking is impossible.

We were told it is all a movie.  Hmm!

The Perfect Storm Hits Our Food Supply Chain - The Odds Of These Listed Events All Happening In This Short Time Frame Are Astronomical.... It Is By Design

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Between bird flu killing off tens of millions of chickens and egg laying hens, along with the unbelievable amount of food processing plants, processing plants and factories destroyed by explosions, fires and even a couple of airplanes crashing into them, mixed with plant viruses, drought and a number of other issues all affecting America's food supply, and now see that ports all across the U.S. are reporting unprecedented levels of cargo theft, led by consumables, the past few years have not been good for our food supply chain.

In 2020: The lockdowns upended up the entire food supply chain, with restaurant and school closures causing a lack of demand, forcing farmers and ranchers to dump food, kill crops, and euthanize animals.

In 2021 and 2022, we saw more than a 100 incidents of food facilities, including mass kill offs of chickens.

Also in 2022 and 2023 the war between Russia and Ukraine caused wheat and fertilizer shortages, hiking the price of bread, and forcing farmers into an untenable position of smaller crops.

In 2022 and 2023 we saw plant viruses affecting lettuce, weather events affecting orange crops, drought condition causing farmers and ranchers to yet again destroy crops and sell off cattle before calving.

On top of all that, food inflation has continued to rise with no real end in sight.

The most recent incident was an explosion of a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, leaving two dead and multiple people missing.

What are the odds of all of that happening, in the course of a three year period, coincidentally? While the exact number is unknown, I would say those odds are astronomical.

We'll leave that for readers to discuss in the comment section.

Next up, we see a number of foods and consumables that are expected to see further inflation and/or shortages, to include more fruits vegetables as crops suffer from a variety of issues, such as drought, fertilizer costs, plant viruses a cut off of palm oil exports from Indonesia.

We'll deal with the fruits and vegetables a little further below because it is spring and many are getting ready to start your spring gardens.

Another shortage/inflation consumable that continues to be listed is bread, wheat, flour as their appears to be no end-date for the war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine produce close to 20% of the worlds cereal grains, so this too is a problem that is getting worse, not better.

Just a few basic items made from wheat, include but are not limited to;

Once again, the answer is to make it all yourself, from scratch.

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