Friday, March 10, 2023

Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson Sing for Satan

Just how does a human mind accept the tenants and ideas of satanism at all?  Yet her5e we are with in your face behavior that can not be put aside.

I regret that years ago a niece claimed that her husband was deep into all this and I dismissed it all.  I simply could not accept any of it.  Otherwise she was a good rational person who really needed a break and she was as smart as can be.

Yet it is now a thing and objectively provable.  Understandable once you grasp the pathology of pedophilia.  Understand something else, homosexuality and transgenderism and other odd tastes are describable as sexual pathologies.  Sorry about all that, but the good news is that society is able to accomadate most of these so long as we do not promote gratuitous conversion to support the pathology in someone else.

This can never happen with pedophilia because it drives the only natural conspiracy whose objectives are obvious and dangerous and stupid.  In practice, we need to band the works and there will be plenty and they do find each other. 

I now suspect that it may well be one in a thousand which produces a crowd, most contained at least.

Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson Sing for Satan

By Mike King

"You say God and I say Satan!"

How many times have we heard Fake News dismissively mock the "conspiracy theory"™ about elite Satanists and sex rings? The deceptive tactic never varies. They will openly state the seemingly unbelievable truth -- thus allowing it to knock itself down as ridiculous. Here's a typical example -- of 100s -- from a New York Slimes article of about a month ago:

"By now, you’ve probably heard of QAnon, the internet conspiracy theory ... the core falsehood of QAnon is that “a group of Satan-worshiping elites run a child sex ring."

Back in the 1980s & again in the 90s, such allegations were dismissed as part of the latest "Satanic Panic." We're all supposed to respond: "Ha ha. Satanists. Ha ha. These right wing people really are crazy. Ha ha."

The evidence and in-your-face symbolism supporting the "Satanic Panic" -- though abundant and compelling -- is always swept aside by apologists by claiming that the symbolism is just "performance art." This soothing falsehood is usually enough to put a normie back to sleep. But a 2017 music video, which we only just now stumbled across, cannot be explained away so easily by the normies in your life. The song is titled, "Say10" (Satan), from the album "Heaven Upside Down" by admitted Satanist Marilyn Manson.

This Manson character (real name, Brian Warner) has always been known for sick, twisted music and videos. What makes "Say10" exceptionally persuasive is that the video features Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp singing along with his good friend, Manson. Depp's Satanic bent and sympathy for a "wrongly accused" child rapist Satanic murderer were already reviewed in an RHC story last year (here). But even that powerful expose, featuring some of Depp's symbolism and films, can still be rationalized away by starstruck normies as "performance art." This song and video cannot (unless they are exceptionally blockheaded or downright insane.)

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