Saturday, March 25, 2023

Neutral Neutron Pairs

I have slowly come to grasp just what science has been missing because normal matter is so dominating.  Yet provided the neutral neutron pair is a reality, then the whole galaxy is full of this stuff, and better yet we literally breath it as well.

understand though that hydrogen is equally undetectable except by indirect means.  It even penetrates matter as we know it.  For that reason our proposed neutral neutron pair has a free ride past everything we can do.  Accidental hits will be seen as just that and of no import.

From our knowledge of Cloud Cosmology we do have some things we can aassert:

1      The NNP does react along a number of axis allowing one NNP to be attached to another NNP.  This is not what i describe as a hard lock but quite weak but still real and allows ordered conglomerates.  These are in fact describable as proto Elements and Isotopes that can potentially decay into the expected elements on the basis of multiple NNP decay.  They can just as easily be torn apart as well.  I am not so sure that decay is taking place out in space as well as in the sun.

2      Gravitational pull is far less than for elements.  The spacing is too large between NNPs.  however it is not zero.  Packed elements should squeeze out the majority of NNP content.  This gives us the surface nature of all planets and also the Sun.  This can then be a shell.

3      Understand that Cloud cosmology projects three types of neutral matter.  I use the word neutral only because the word is convenient and allows us then to identify axis as separate.  Neutral assumes mathematical continuity which is not real.  We are now just understanding how important the NNP is in the evolution of our third level physical environment.

4      The second level of matter consists of a neutral electron - positron pair which we will now label as NEP..  It will conglomerate to form neutrons and by decay protons.

5      The first level of matter is the neutral neutrino pair.  The neutrino is created directly by decay from bounded space scaled appropriately.  Again this scaling is imposed by existing space curvature and photonic energies.  In practise, past photons scale surounding space.  More simply, the first act of creation produces the bounded particle but also produces unbounded curvature with edges which can form boundedness and this allows decay into a new bounded particle.

6       Of course this act of creation expands at the speed of light and fills the created universe with fundamental particles as a first step.

EVIDENCE:  In fact the evidence must obviously be all around us.  The best is negative actually.  A cloud of free electrons must obviously blow apart unless something literally blocks the repulsion.  This has been ignored forever.  Yet we happily posit those clouds and how about sparks?  The same holds true for free ions with a positive charge.  

We are certainly noticing the plasma nature of the universe and it is also clear that the only thing we detect is free electrons decaying to a nearby element.  In a plasma, just what is happening?  we have speculations and they fail as per the above.  This is also speculation but it puts in something big enough to answer the task at hand.

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