Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tentsla adds a four-person tent to the back of a Tesla Model Y

This is an obvious add-on for every model of SUV on the market.  It now needs to be perfected and desaigned up as well.  GM. where are you?  At least we have an independent out proving the market.

This is a huge improvement on the camping experience.  Everyone needs to drive to a camping site and then it problematic to set up.  Here we have height properly handled, a possible bed for two adults in the SUV and ample space for others on the floor of the tent.

I can see this becoming the standard and camp sites will cater to all this.  After all they can even get tightrer spacing out of it.  All good.

The car rental crowd will support this as well.

Tentsla adds a four-person tent to the back of a Tesla Model Y

March 17, 2023

The Tentsla X1 is presently on Kickstarter

While we've seen several camping concepts which incorporate the Tesla Cybertruck, chances are most of us will never own such a vehicle. The Tentsla X1 tent, however, is aimed at the existing – and widely owned – Tesla Model Y SUV.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the X1 is made by Colorado-based startup Tentsla. The device is intended for use with the Model Y's "camper mode," in which the electric SUV automatically modulates its heating and air conditioning for the comfort of people sleeping inside of it … or in this case, also for people sleeping in a tent that's connected to it.

Like other vehicle-back tents we've seen, the X1 is joined to the rear of the Model Y via a tent-flap "tunnel," the edges of which stick to velcro strips located around the perimeter of the SUV's open hatch. Setup is claimed to take just five minutes, and involves using an included pump to air up the tent's inflatable frame.

Once it's ready to go, the X1 reportedly sleeps up to four people in its main compartment, which measures approximately 220 cm long by 210 cm wide by 180 cm tall (87 by 83 by 70 in). That said, a couple of other folks could also sleep in the back of the Model Y, especially if it's equipped with something like the Dreamcase custom-fit mattress.

Additionally, the X1 features a pole-suspended front awning which extends out from the tent's zippered full-width front entrance, a rear awning that shades the SUV, and one side awning which extends over a full-width side entrance.

Both the front and one side of the Tentsla X1 can be fully opened or zipped closed

Construction materials include waterproofed Oxford polyester fabric for the body and floor, Oxford-covered TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for the air columns, Terylene nylon mesh for the insect netting, and matte-black-coated aluminum for the awning poles. The whole thing packs down into an included bag, which can be stored in the Tesla's lower trunk or in its "frunk" (front trunk). It is claimed to tip the scales at 21 kg (46 lb).

Assuming the Tentsla X1 reaches production, a pledge of US$599 will get you one – the planned retail price is $1,199. It's demonstrated in the video below.

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