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Trump and White Hats Attack Corporate Marxism

Yes we have ignored this MEME for twenty years.  The weight is now ssuch that it must be crushed.  and so it will.

All these entities operate by conditioning the market to their advantage and certainly counter to traditional common sense.  

So yes, while terribly subtle it is also real and must be challenged head on.  Recall you do not eat butter because you were conned.

*** Trump and White Hats Attack Corporate Marxism ***

Representative Patrick McHenry has announced a “Republican E.S.G. Working Group” that will scrutinize the practice of ESG investing.

MARCH 16, 2023

NY Times: How Environmentally Conscious Investing Became a Target of Conservatives

The business world has been pulled into partisan politics, with Republicans bringing their battle against socially conscious investing to Congress.


The clever New World Order Crime Octopus attacks humanity with many different and seemingly unrelated tentacles -- some more powerful than others. One of the mightiest limbs -- which, though it first emerged on a small scale only about 20 years ago -- has become a monster in its own right in recent years. It is a pernicious danger which relatively few conservatives were even aware of as it crept up upon us. That made it even more dangerous. It's called ESG Investing, which stands for Environmental Social & Governance.

The practice of ESG integrates Globalist / WEF objectives into investment decision-making. So, let us say that a publicly traded company fails to manifest sufficient "awareness"™ or “sensitivity”™ on issues like cross-dressing, genital mutilation of "trans" children, “diversity in the workplace,” the Climate Con / "green" energy, "racism"™, gun control, the Stupid-19 scamdemic, support for the Jukraine etc. -- the GIANT investment advisory groups (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street) can and will boot that company’s stocks out of certain ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). Conversely, if a company virtue-signals by adopting the “politically correct” libtarded agenda behind the "latest thing," -- its stock will be included in all of the major funds. The Mafia EXTORTION tactics of ESG have the intended effect of deputizing the CEOs of Corporate America (and Europe) in service to the New World Order agenda.

Now, in the age of Trump -- and with the publicity given to the subject by his trusty masked agent "Elon Musk" -- ESG is fully out of the shadows and squarely in the crosshairs of the "far right" Military / Freedom Caucus Congress for which we have Trump and the White Hats to thank. The Slimes whines:

"It’s been a widely accepted trend in financial circles for nearly two decades. But suddenly, Republicans have launched an assault on a philosophy that says that companies should be concerned with not just profits but also how their businesses affect the environment and society.

More than $18 trillion (wow!) is held in investment funds that follow the investing principle known as E.S.G. — shorthand for prioritizing environmental, social and governance factors — a strategy that has been adopted by major corporations around the globe." (emphasis added)


1. “E.S.G. is a scam,” wrote "Elon Musk" on Twitter. // 2. Trump says of ESG investing, "These people are sick." (an exact line which Q has posted 40 times!) // 3. The emergence of the anti-ESG movement is just another indicator that the NWO ain't what it used to be.

In an earlier RHC piece titled, “Bolsheviks in the Boardroom” we explained how “college educated” millennial Social Justice Warriors -- now rapidly rising through the ranks of Corporate America -- were driving the “social policies” of their companies leftward. Though we still stand by that analysis – that factor weighs far less than the ESG investment scheme.

The consolidation and harnessing of corporate power was critical to generating the mass "private sector" obedience needed to pull off the Stupid-19 Scamdemic. It also explains why certain retailers, contrary to the wishes and political leanings of their own paying customers, stopped selling firearms. It explains how, seemingly as a single entity, corporation after corporation after corporation suddenly went pro-sodomite // pro-cross dressing -- and started heavily promoting “Pride Month” every June.

It explains why so many companies allowed themselves to be “shaken down” by the “anti-capitalist” Marxists of Black Lives Matter. You see, it wasn’t actually a small group of Black lesbian street activists who forced Corporate America to promote BLM on their company websites while collectively pledging an estimated $1.6 Billion dollars to the Reds. No sir. It was the WEF-Vanguard-BlackRock-State Street Investment Mafia that did that.

Even though Resident "Biden" will probably -- for the sake of "optics" -- veto any anti-ESG bills that the Military / Freedom Caucus Congress may submit to him -- ESG's days are numbered just the same. Trump -- who got the movement against the ESG extortion racket off the ground and turbo-charged it -- will surely kill ESG very soon after his glorious "return" and "authoritarian"™ seizure of political power. The ongoing exposure of ESG and looming liberation of captive corporations is truly a BIG deal, boys and girls. And all credit, once it happens, must go to The Donald and the White Hats.

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