Thursday, March 16, 2023

NY Times: Biden Administration Expected to Move Ahead on a Major Oil Project in Alaska

Besides the steadily increasing silence from paid up members of the DEEP STATE, we have these inexplicable and unchallenged decissions coming down.

And yes the silence of the faux MOB as well.

Once the movie is over, we  will have a long awaited cleanup in front of us, but it should not take forever.

NY Times: Biden Administration Expected to Move Ahead on a Major Oil Project in Alaska

MARCH 13, 2023

The decision would allow an enormous $8 billion drilling project in the largest expanse of pristine wilderness in the United States.


Trump's trusty agent of the CGI & skin mask, working out of a FAKE Oval Office has struck again! In advance of Trump's inevitable and glorious return, Resident "Joe Biden" is doing something long forbidden by the Green Globalists "in the suites" of The New World Order -- that is, authorizing an "enormous" oil development project on virgin land in Alaska. It's called "The Willow Project." It was initially approved by the Trump administration until some Communist judge blocked it; but it was the "Biden" administration which actually put it back in play.

How can this be? Do the NWO Globalists want the US to become energy independent all of a sudden? What about all that retarded tommyrot about "carbon footprints" ™ and "emissions" ™ and "renewables ™." Equally intriguing is the relative lack of "spontaneous" backlash from the Greens "in the streets." Rumors of this move had been circulating for a while; so the rent-a-mobs had ample time to organize, but did not. Why aren't we seeing Greta Gloomberg and Leopedo DiCraprio leading mob marches on Washington DC over this? Silence in the face of massive oil drilling projects in pristine areas of Alaska? Are you kidding me? Is the dangerously subversive 50-year-old "environmentalist movement" dead now?

The best that the controlled Green activists in the streets have been able to muster in opposition against the Willow Project are some pathetic online petitions and press releases. The mob protests are a thing of the past because the de-funded and de-fanged Deep State can't pull them off anymore.

The demonic little Greta Gloomberg and Leopedo DiCraprio don't seem to have that mob-forming magic anymore. Perhaps they are in Gitmo?

The spin of the Slimes article is that "Biden" is doing this in order to lower gas prices as his reelection campaign approaches. That is a severely flawed analysis for five reasons:

1. As the article itself reveals, "Biden's" fight for this project actually began at the start of his "presidency," when gas prices were still very low.
2. Prices have been falling rapidly these past few months.
3. The new oil won't be coming online in time for the 2024 election.
4. "Biden" will lose young Green commie voters over this.
5. "Biden" is not scripted to be re-elected anyway because he isn't real. Trump must and will return -- either through removal of "Biden" for high crimes or a 2024 landslide.

This surprising move -- along with so many other acts running totally contrary to Globalist and Zionist objectives -- doesn't make any sense, until one understands that Biden is actually "Biden." As far as "optics" go, this character is doing a damn good job of scaring the mushy political center squarely into the right side of the spectrum. But when we look deeper at some very important policies, an unmistakable pattern more consistent with MAGAism than Marxism becomes clear. Here's the running list of the broken promises and unexpected moves (in our favor) -- in spite of 'Biden" having had a Demonrat-majority House and Senate for two whole years:

* "Biden" has NOT implemented the harsh policies of the Paris Climate Con.
* "Biden" did NOT rehire the Climate Commies which Trump fired at the EPA.
* "Biden" did NOT replace key personnel that Trump placed at the Justice Dept.
* "Biden" has NOT repealed Trump's most important emergency Executive Orders.
* "Biden" has NOT repealed the Trump tax cuts.
* "Biden" finished off NY Governor Andrew Cuomo by calling for him to resign.
* "Biden" is now undermining Bibi Satanyahoo.
* "Biden" completed the process of getting US troops out of Afghanistan.
* "Biden" - to the dismay of Globalists - is easing sanctions on Syria and engaging with Assad.
* "Biden" has NOT delivered the promised weapons and tanks to Ukraine.
* "Biden" has NOT repealed Trump's protective tariffs.
* "Biden" has NOT moved to bring the Jukraine into NATO
* "Biden" has NOT torn down Trump's Border Wall and is instead expanding it!
* "Biden" has NOT closed down Gitmo and has instead approved funding for it.
* "Biden" has NOT pursued any gun control initiatives.
* "Biden" did NOT stir up the usual trouble with North Korea.
* "Biden" has NOT launched any new wars or proxy wars anywhere in the world (Ukraine conflict is being rigged to help Russia, not Jukraine)
* "Biden" has NOT repealed some of Trump's key immigration policies -- even going to court to keep them in place.
(The current "optical" wave of border-crashing wetbacks, if they are even real, will be shipped back as soon as Trump returns.)

In order to maintain the important illusion of "Biden" the climate extremist ("optics"), the Willow Project decision was timed to coincide with the announcement that the phantom administration will be "indefinitely" blocking 16 million acres of federally owned lands and waters in Alaska from future drilling (here). This means NOTHING because those areas weren't being drilled anyway; and the ban can be repealed with the stroke of a pen by a future president. See the magician's trick here?

Both by action and inaction, "Biden's" Residential resume constitutes much Trumpism camouflaged by crazy Leftist talk and a necessary bit of superficial (and temporary) scary-as-hell policy. The plan is to awaken the sleepy captive subjects of the Kingdom of Normiedom, while keeping the nation on life-support and viable until Trump rides in on his White Horse. How else to account for a Demonrat wanting to finally open up Alaska? (and those mask lines, and those embarrassing tumbles, and that pitiful stuttering and stammering, and that fake Oval Office etc).

Trust the plan.

"Biden's" surprising actions on oil drilling do not match his Marxist promises and nor are they consistent with important NWO Globalist directives.

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