Monday, March 20, 2023

A New Science of Heaven with Robert Temple


I have been asked to review a new book written by Robert Temple titled A New Science of Heaven.  I am delighted to do so.

it is also a great wake up call for my work on Cloud Cosmology.  Understanding plasma is extremely important.

Understand that any and all clouds of free electrons will naturally be divergent and obviously blow apart.  Bit of a problem if you narrow your vision just to what we can see or detect.  This is of course my beef with all of our physics as I can readily imagine a neutron pair decaying into a free hygrogen ion and an electron.  I can also imagine an electron positron pairing that is also neutral and even an neutrino pair as well.  My Cloud Cosmology also informs how to go about making them as well.

What is important is that we have detected two plasma clouds within the two Lagrange points using optical telescopes.  They are several times larger than our own planet.  This happens to be an excellent location also for a large mass of neutral items just like neutron neutron pairs and all that.  Free electrons will be shielded by these objects and even be nicely aligned with them as well.

All this screams that such neutron pairs form the outer shell of the sun and that such pairs are actively decaying there along with everything else we see.  We are assuming the process is sped up there as well.  Again we are describing obvious forms of so called DARK MATTER that simply cannot be detected by the tools at hand.  And yes, DARK MATTER makes up around 98% of the matter in our galaxy.  It might be important.

The fact is that we are blind to such matter.  Yet it rather nicely accomadates plasma in particular and what has been asigned to Fusion Energy.

I now wonder just what lightening actually is.  Free electrons obviously blow open a physical channel and something then passes through to the Earh's surface.  Ball lightening is an obvious surface of free electrons containing what?  How about neutron pairs we cannot detect?

Understand again, that we are finding a plasma ball just where we have neutral gravity which prevents the ball from been torn apart.  Neutral neutron pairs will accumulate just there and shielded free electrons will shelter there and emit radiation.

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