Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Nature of Plasma - REF Robert Temple


Reading about the nature of plasma, i am inspired to advance our thinking.  As i have posted, Cloud Cosmology throws up a plausible object which can be described best as a neutral neutron pair which can be expected to decay into an hydrogen atom with its own free electron.  Understand that we posit self assembly of a range of particles beginning with the 'neutral' neutrino pair actually described better as a SPACE TIME pendulum, then to a 'neutral' electron positron pairing and from there to our neutral neutron pairs which ultimately decays into hydrtogen providing us with free electrons and positive ions.  Besides the obvious, it is likely a whole range of intermediate partial constructs also emerge and when they decay, we identify them as cosmic rays.

What is interesting is that the neutral neutron pair is certainly not perfectly neutral but will act weakly at least along several axis.  This permits the attachment of either negative or positive ions as well but not necessarily bound as we experience with what we are able to detect.  It still means though that it should be possible to detect these objects and in fact we already have.  Electrons will pop free when absorbing a photon and then reemit a photon. Thus we can see those clouds.

All this is a round about way to describe the nature of plasma.  These objects are sticky enough to largely self assemble in order to produce potential complex atoms to fill the periodic table and explains a lot as well.  I use the word potential because we only see that potential realized on the surface of the sun under both pressure and also dense radiation

The surface of the sun sees neutron pairs decaying into hydrogen gas which then emits radiation as electrons are grabbed. It is possible that the outer shell of the sun consists mostly of these neutron pairs.  Keep this in mind when you read descriptions of the Suns surface.  Do you really think that solar surface pressure is sufficient to contain a fusion nuclear explosion?  Sadly our scholarship is full of what i call handwaves to deal with the impossible.

Obviously, our discussion of just about everything in particle physics gets a lot easier if we introduce these neutron pairs along with the SPACE TIME pendulum..

I am continuing to work my way into Robert Temple's book on plasma and will drop in to make further reports.  This gives you a working framework.

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