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The Vaccine is more Insidious than you Think

The problem is that big pharma is conducting an unregulated global vaccine experiment that is actually global. in extent as a response to a clearly fraudulant flu promotion.  There is also reason to expect that the vaccine itself is the pandemic carrier.  This creates a self fulfilling prophacy not unlike the original spanish flu epidemic.

We have ample motive in a CCP agency that is been pressed to the wall by their economic scheme been challenged.

Otherwise there is absolutely no need for this whole charade as proven by Sweden.  Yet our bribed or blackmailed politicians and medical professionals continue to play along.  Many are simply htat stupid.

Understand that the central intent was to collapse the human population.  I think this has been at least diminished.  Yet it is now disquieting to discover that the vaccinated are infectious.  Is the CCP just that insane?

I have been reassured that we ultimately win.  Still messy.

Jai Guru Dev) The Vaccine is more Insidious than you Think

May 3, 2021


the purpose of the vaccine is to change your DNA. Although there are many harmful effects of the vaccine, the most egregious is to shut down the part of your DNA that connects you to First Source/God.

Spirituality and DNA are interlinked. Your Divine Spark is housed in a human instrument. The interface between the two is your DNA.

The long-term purpose of the vaccine is to disconnect you from First Source/God, so that the Incanbula/Cabal can control you. In effect you are a zombie.

It is estimated that we use less than 2% of our DNA. 98% of our DNA has been labelled junk or non-coding DNA. It is referred to as junk DNA as it lies dormant within our human instrument with no known function.

It seems as if we have the genetic predisposition that is currently being grossly underutilised. That there is a vast reservoir of genes waiting to be activated. Once again, Youu are a fragment of First Source imbued with its capabilities. Your human instrument has been designed to house that holographic shard of First Source, your Divine Spark.

According to our genetic potential, 98% (if not more) of the Divinity within you is lying dormant. The current spate of solar flares and the photon belt that we are going through are in the process of activating your dormant DNA. The only limitation to your potential is your imagination, what you believe, sincerely believe to be possible. It is time to stretch your mind, to go beyond the realms of what you believe to be true, to go beyond what you believe you are capable of. To imagine much more than is imaginable.

Nature or First Source does not make too many mistakes. Our physical body (Human Instrument) has been designed to perform at a higher level of existence than we are capable of conceiving. We are grossly underperforming according to our genetic capabilities.

The bottom line is that the human instrument has an inordinate amount of potential that is not being utilised. We are capable of doing and being far more than what the mind can possibly imagine.

The vaccine is designed to keep you disconnected.

Let’s explore the importance of DNA with a seeker and a guide.

Seeker: “It seems as if DNA is a key to who we are. Are genetics that important to who I am?”

Guide: “That question comes from your human instrument/ego identity. You already have a non-physical body that is the sum total of the original DNA blueprint created by First Source. It is activated and aware of All That Is.

But the question is valid as you can only talk from your current ego identity awareness. In terms of your human instrument, DNA is critical to your consciousness, to your level of free will, of being able to master the physical. It is your DNA that is able to receive and transmit information that is beyond the limitations of our social conditioning.

For most royal families on this planet, DNA is the prime consideration for choosing a suitable partner for a prince or princess to continue the bloodline of the said family. It is necessary for the future king/queen to have the same genetic disposition (and therefore the same capacities) as the current rulers.

In terms of the physical beings that control this planet (within and beyond royal bloodlines), it is absolutely critical.”

Seeker: “That really does sound far-fetched. Why is DNA so important?”

Guide: “Simply put, the more of your human instruments DNA that is active, the more awareness/Free Will it has. Genetic predispositions are passed from generation to generation within specific groups. That is why royal families and the controlling elite are obsessed with genetic predisposition or bloodlines. It ensures a continuity of their agendas.”

Seeker: “Is DNA that powerful. Does our genetic coding have that much of an impact on a person’s life?”

Guide: “You can think of your physical DNA as the capacity to receive and transmit information from All That Is. It is the telephone exchange system between your human instrument and all other dimensions of existence. The more activated your DNA, the greater your consciousness as you are able to receive and process more information from non-physical dimensions.”

Seeker: “Are you saying that spirituality/consciousness is genetic?”

Guide: “Yes. Consciousness and genetics are interlinked. Remember we discussed that you choose your parents before you incarnate because of their vibrational affinity with the lessons that you need to go through in this lifetime. You are born with their DNA coding as it is the DNA that attracts the vibrational frequencies that birth your life experiences.

This can be empirically demonstrated by the work done by professor Anokhin of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR and the Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. His experiment involving the interaction between DNA and photons (the building blocks of matter) highlights this point.

He observed photons in a vacuum jar exhibiting a random pattern. He placed DNA in the jar and observed that the photons gravitated to the DNA until they formed the shape of the DNA. The interesting part is that when he removed the DNA from the jar, the photons continued to hold the shape or pattern of the said DNA.”

Seeker: That is interesting but what does that prove?”

Guide: “It shows clearly that your DNA (physical) attracts the photon (wavicle – both physical and vibrational). Photons are literally the building blocks of matter, and they respond to the instruction of your DNA. They manifest in a specific pattern according to the instruction of the Observer. The capacity to manifest is inextricably linked to the amount of DNA activated within the Human Instrument.

Seeker: “So I suppose in each lifetime I am doomed or blessed according to my genetic predisposition.”

Guide: “No. You are correct in saying that you are born with a certain genetic predisposition. This will attract your life experiences. You still however have the gift of Free Will, an enormously powerful gift. You can choose how to handle the adversities or blessings you receive. If you handle them in an appropriate manner, you will activate more of your DNA than what you were born with, thereby receiving more guidance/information from higher dimensions.

Within your DNA you have source codes that can be activated at any time. This simply means that your DNA becomes more functional, enabling you to be more. If your will and intent is to become more than you are, then this energy always activates your DNA. Genetic dispositions are a guaranteed reflection of consciousness. Appropriate use of Free Will is as important. Free Will can deactivate genetic disposition or conversely activate latent abilities.

It is important to remember that this is a holographic universe. You have everything that ‘All That Is’ encoded within your DNA. Medical Science will tell you that you have every disease known to mankind latent within your DNA, it simply requires a trigger to activate a particular disease. The converse is true. You have every greatness known to mankind encoded within your DNA. It simply requires the right trigger to activate it.”

Seeker: “How does one know what an ‘appropriate manner’ is in handling life situations. How does one activate the trigger?”

Guide: “Motive/Intent! It is not your actions but the reason behind your actions that activates your DNA/consciousness. Listen to your conscience, your inner voice, and behave accordingly. It is the greatest activator of your DNA.”

Seeker: “Are you saying my conscience is the activator of my DNA/consciousness?”

Guide: “Look at the origin of both words. The words conscience and consciousness come from the Latin word Scientia, meaning ‘to know’ or ‘knowledge.’ Whilst conscience relates to an inner awareness of what is right or wrong, consciousness relates to an awareness of your ability to control your external environment. Conscience and consciousness are interrelated. By following your conscience, you activate your source codes in your DNA and develop more consciousness, more ability to ‘observe’ in a manner that creates your personal reality.

Everyone has a different level of conscience. In terms of conscience there is a societal conscience (controlled by Main Stream Media) and an inner conscience that will at times go against societal norms. Human instruments generally want to fit in and listen to societal norms at the expense of their inner voice. Listening, and acting on the inner conscience (which at critical times will at times go against societal norms) is the most powerful activator. Going against societal norms always has consequences. In the worst-case scenario. your immediate environment is shattered and you may go through a period of isolation.

Many of the pioneers of the Digital Warriors have experienced this. Ridiculed by friends and family but choosing to persue their path of truth, they are now in a position where they are the leaders of the new era.

Rest assured your DNA will vibrate at a different frequency. if you listen to your inner voice and end up attracting those who have your same values into your day-to-day existence.”

Seeker: “This is hard to grasp, that DNA can be activated by what is essentially mental and emotional stimuli.”

Guide: “I see your ego identity needs empirical proof. Perhaps the experiment done by the US military will help you to understand better. DNA was extracted from Leukocytes, (white blood cells) from a group of soldiers and placed into chambers so they could measure electrical changes. The soldiers were then shown a variety of videos that elicited different emotional responses. From anger to erotica to compassion.

The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the soldiers and their extracted DNA were monitored for any changes as the donor experienced different emotional states by watching the videos. Immediately the donor exhibited emotional peaks or valleys (measured by electrical responses), the DNA exhibited the identical peaks and valleys.

Further experimentation showed this communication between the donor and the extracted DNA was instantaneous (non-local). Meaning the donor could be anywhere in the Multiverse and the extracted DNA would respond instantaneously, faster than the speed of light, or as Einstein would say, ‘Spooky action at a distance.’

For the purpose of our discussion, the crux of the changes to the DNA shows how source codes can be activated. When the donor experience positive emotions, the DNA lengthened. More receptors became available to send and receive information from other dimensions.

When the emotions were negative, the DNA shortened, shutting down its receptors, limiting its ability to send and receive information.

When you are in line with your conscience, you experience positive emotions. Your DNA lengthens and can even activate codes within your DNA that have never been activated before. When you go against your conscience, you experience negative emotions, especially guilt- the greatest factor in disconnecting your human instrument from your Divine Spark, limiting your consciousness.”

Seeker: “So in essence my DNA is the interface zone between the physical and the spirit world. Although I am born with certain genetic traits, I can surmount the obstacles those traits manifest in my physical existence, by right action, according to my conscience. In so doing I activate more of my DNA and increase my consciousness.”

Guide: “Correct. Experiments done by Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnie, a French virologist and winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in physiology/ medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) discovered DNA emits electromagnetic signals.

He took two hermetically sealed test tubes of water. One contained a fragment of DNA, 100 bases long. The other contained pure water. Both hermetically sealed tubes were put in a chamber that blocked out outside external electromagnetic fields, particularly the earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

The test tubes were then electrified with a weak 7 hertz electromagnetic field, close to the earth’s natural resonance (Schumann’s resonance) of 7.83 hertz. Seventeen hours later the contents were put through polymerase chain reactions to identify any remnants of DNA. Shockingly, DNA was recovered from both test tubes. Somehow DNA transferred from the first test tube into the second hermetically sealed test tube. “Montagnier and his team believe this suggests DNA emits its own electromagnetic signals that imprint the DNA’s structure on other molecules.

They are correct. DNA is the interface between waves and particles, between matter and ani-matter, between the spiritual and the physical.

More importantly, what Dr Montagnie’s experiments show, is that (over a period of time) your DNA affects particles (matter) in its immediate environment. I suggest that due to quantum entanglement, DNA affects not only the immediate/now environment; the test tube next to it (local universe), but also the non-local universe; test tubes on the other side of the universe (All That Is through all of space and all of time).

The above two experiments that I have drawn to your attention, (and many more that verify these two experiments) are simply clues given to the human instrument. Clues that show that the positive emotions of joy and universal love etc. connect you to ‘All That Is’. Negative emotions of anger, fear and hate etc. disconnect you from that which is your true essence.

Living life according to your moral credo (conscience) is often not easy, but is definitely the most effective way to master the illusion (Maya) of the five senses.

Seeker: “So conscience is the guiding force. Everyone has the same guiding force and therefore we all have an inner knowing of ‘divine truth’.

Guide: “Incorrect. Everyone’s conscience is different. This is a complex topic but the main factor being the Human Instruments level of consciousness. Consciousness is a function of many factors, including how many incarnations the person has had and how quick they learn their lessons. But this is a topic for another day. I take my leave now. Tejomaya.”

Your conscience, motive and DNA are key elements of greatness. Don’t let the vaccine shut down your DNA. Don’t become a zombie.

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