Monday, May 24, 2021

DeSantis on Critical Race Theory: ‘Offensive’ to Expect Taxpayers to Pay to Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Country’

Every nation has generally chosen to brainwash their school children with an accepted historical narritive which is obviously susceptable to serious bias.  What needs to be understood is that bias is in many cases not unreasonable at all.  One should learn to love your country first and also to respect your tribal ancestry while also learning to be emotionally objective.  Teaching any form of hatred should be an automatic firing offence.

Both the nation and the tribe are natural extensions of natural familial love and really no more than that.

History needs to be taught in terms of situations in which hatred was taught and how this easy error was exploited in the past.

I grew up with the example of Hitler ringing in my ears and this quelled the traditional jingoism of our own civilization.  Racism was always a lower class taste that used to be encouraged. After all the rest believed themselves above it all. Now we see it been encouraged again for politiucal; gain.

Critical race theory is a fraud top to bottom constructed to exploit the deemed lower classes and to keep them part of the political combine of the neo Marxists.

Modernity is evolving away from all of it.  The end of poverty will eliminate the whole phenomena as the world will evolve into thriving natural communities we will all cherish. This is already happening...

DeSantis on Critical Race Theory: ‘Offensive’ to Expect Taxpayers to Pay to Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Country’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Juno Beach, Fla., on May 7, 2021. (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

May 22, 2021 Updated: May 22, 2021

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that he opposes teaching critical race theory in the state’s public schools, calling the ideas pushed by its advocates as “based on false history” and “teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other.”

DeSantis made the remarks at a Friday press conference in Pensacola, where he announced the signing of a bill temporarily establishing several statewide tax-free periods on items like storm supplies and back-to-school products.

“It’s offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory, that they would be asked to fund teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other,” DeSantis said.

Floridа Gov. Ron DeSantis is seen during a meeting at the governor’s office in Tallahassee, Fla., on April 1, 2021. (The Epoch Times)

In a recent interview on NTD’s “Focus Talk,” Yiatin Chu, an Asian mother of two and co-chair of the New York chapter of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR), described critical race theory as pushing the idea that disparate outcomes, such as academic competency scores, can be reduced to a single variable—race.

Advocates of the theory, which she said is increasingly being taught at pre-college levels, push the socialist notion of equality of outcome, and blame differences in outcomes on entrenched privilege while dividing people into “oppressors” and their victims, the “oppressed.”

Republicans across the nation are trying to prevent the teaching of critical race theory in classrooms.

Recently, South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Kristi Noem took aim at both the “1619 Project” and critical race theory and, like DeSantis, voiced opposition to their incorporation in school curriculums.

“The 1619 Project relies upon the concept of Critical Race Theory to further divide students based on the color of their skin,” Noem wrote in a series of tweets Friday. “This is inappropriate and un-American. It has no place in South Dakota, and it certainly has no place in South Dakota classrooms.”

In this screenshot from the RNC’s livestream of the 2020 Republican National Convention, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem addresses the virtual convention on Aug. 26, 2020. (Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images)

The “1619 Project,” inaugurated with a special issue of The New York Times Magazine, attempts to cast the Atlantic slave trade as the dominant factor in the founding of America instead of ideals such as individual liberty and natural rights. The initiative has been widely panned by historians and political scientists, with some critics calling it a bid to rewrite U.S. history through a left-wing lens.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the 1619 Project, responded to the GOP criticism of the project during an interview with MSNBC on May 3, saying the 1619 curriculum being allowed in schools is a matter of free speech.

“This isn’t a project about trying to teach children that our country is evil, but it is a project trying to teach children the truth about what our country was based upon, and it’s only in really confronting that truth—slavery was foundational to the United States, we, after the slavery, experienced 100 years of legalized discrimination against black Americans,” said Hannah-Jones. “Mitch McConnell and others like him want for our children to get a propagandistic, nationalistic understanding of history that is not about facts, but it is about how they would want to pretend that our country is.”

Proponents of critical race theory have argued that it’s needed to demonstrate what they say is “pervasive systemic racism” and facilitate rooting it out.

Critics draw parallels between critical race theory and Marxism, arguing that the concept advocates for the destruction of institutions, such as the Western justice system, free-market economy, and orthodox religions, while demanding that they be replaced with institutions compliant with the critical race theory ideology.

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