Saturday, November 6, 2010

We Help, They Hate Us

This also needed to be said.  Muslims are brainwashed into a value system that makes it almost impossible to accept charity from each other, let alone the infidel.

Today they confront a rising global civilization that is swiftly leaving them far behind in wealth and real tangible strength.  It is also no longer the West, although the West is continuing to become even stronger.  Both China and India are clearly embarked on a Western assisted catch up program that however measured will match the West inside the next fifty years.

China in inimical to Islam and India is certainly disciplining its Muslim minority who dare not agitate.

At the same time South America has finally caught fire and is now on the same path.  Recall Brazil is two thirds of the continent and its success is now dragging everyone else along.

Even Africa is beginning to work.

Yet the Muslim world continues to show half hearted growth almost everywhere.  Right now there are no Islamic success stories.  It is also correct to ask why?  If we ignore the oil carried desert economies which are artificial, we have the Levant, Turkey, North Africa and Indonesia.  They all should be booming simply because they have except for Lebanon avoided major wars.  They are not.

The cause is not hard to find.  They insist on a profoundly distorted education of their young which is counter productive.  Rote learning of a text in a language you do not understand is folly.  Not promoting girls is a double folly.

Talented men will shake this off and go on, however warped, but will just as likely read the tea leaves and stay in the West were they can count on a good life.

I have no end of neighbors and acquaintances who are quite happy to build up business in Iran and be well paid for doing so, so long as they can leave their families in Vancouver.  Also let us not forget our Saudi royal family who all are an air plane ride away to a very comfortable exile.

The fact is that Islam binds the emergence of the Islamic middle class and fails to protect it in a way quite different from the governmental corruption experienced in the Spanish speaking world.  That world only ever needed a leader not from the old aristocracy who was smart enough to be honest.  They got that with Lulu in Brasil.

Despite all our help, Muslims still hate us.” Here’s why.


I’m not sure how I got along before I discovered Investor’s Business Daily.

All I know is, sometime after 9/11, I started reading IBD and encountered, in their op-ed pages,  a robust, refreshing alternative to the wimpy “on the one hand, on the other hand” drivel that passes for editorial comment in most legacy newspapers.

IBD has outdone itself with a new editorial slamming the twee concept of “interfaith dialogue” and “understanding”:

A new international poll shows the folly of Washington’s strategy of winning Muslim “hearts and minds.” Despite all our help, Muslims still hate us. (…)

Even so-called moderate leaders are against us. “Yes, Muslims are against the West,” responded Adnan Abu Odeh, 73, former political adviser to Jordan’s King Hussein. “Why? Western foreign policies, especially on two issues: the Palestinian issue and now Iraq.

“These are the issues people talk about day and night. And which the news focuses on day and night. And they come to the eyes and ears of the Muslims who have been surveyed, daily in the bloodiest way — it’s killing, women screaming and yelling, and soldiers frowning. So what they hate is American foreign policy.”

Now, far be it from me to mock the sinister international menace known as “Soldier Frown,” which sounds like it should be right up there with “Restless Leg Syndrome.”

But let’s always remember: Islam has been at war with the West long before 9/11  or the establishment of the state of Israel. Alas, the Muslim predilection for absurd conspiracy theories (which are altered on the fly as current events demand) is abundantly and embarrassingly evident in the Pew study that inspired the IBDeditorial.

(In fact, I’ve finally solved the puzzle that has confounded so many since September 11, to whit: “Why is the Left allying itself with its supposed ideological opposite number, namely  radical Islam?”

(The answer lies in a famous quotation of Ronald Reagan’s; merely substitute the word “Muslims” for “liberals” and magically, all is revealed: “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”)

Alas, the Pew results will simply inspire the elites to call for still even more “interfaith dialogue,” “bridge-building” and “Muslim outreach.”

My fellow Canadian blogger, Scaramouche, has a phrase for these impotent, feel-good make-work projects: “Project Samosa.” Progressive Jews and Christians share tasty, exotic ethnic food with professional Muslims, and come away thinking their unctuous hosts are as interested in “dialogue” as they are.

Wrong. Quite simply: dialogue, education and compromise are Western notions, not Muslim ones.

This is especially obvious when you watch semi-Westernized Muslims try to act out these foreign concepts during controversies; they can only last about 10 minutes before the mask drops.

What good is “dialogue” with stubborn, delusional, uneducated, compulsive liars?

The answer is: it makes the “dialog-ees” — the progressive Jews and Christians — feel both worldly and virtuous, which is a rare combination and therefore an intoxicating feeling. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t come up with a new colored ribbon for “interfaith dialogue.” Give it time.

Like all addicts, progressives will keep on chasing the “dialogue” dragon, to relive that exciting yet ultimately empty sensation.

And we pay the price for their delusions, in terms of our sovereignty and security.

By the way: Muslims hate us because we are helping them. Needing help implies weakness and inferiority. In an honor-based culture like Islam, accepting help from outsiders, particularly infidels, is humiliating.

As an ancient saying from yet another culture has it: “Save a man’s life — and he’ll never forgive you.”

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