Friday, November 12, 2010

Classical Music Cuts Crime

Perhaps we need to switch out the musak in our correctional facilities.  This is a single test case and it is in a conducive environment but the numbers are super compelling.  Effectively the problem disappeared.


This has always been asserted but not linked so explicitly to classical music.


The lesson is clear.  Just as you shape the visual and material environment to mange traffic and behavior, you must also shape the audio environment.


And yes, in stressed environments such as the jail house, it will not hurt to do just that, however unconducive the environment is.  It may at least keep the guards from been jumpy.



Classical music cuts crime in New Zealand city

WELLINGTON (AFP) - Classical music piped through speakers has dramatically reduced crime rates in the centre of New Zealand's second largest city, retailers said Monday.
They said the introduction of soothing music from composers such as Mozart had seen the number of anti-social incidents attended by security guards in Christchurch's City Mall fall from 86 a week in 2008 to two a week this year.
Central City Business Association manager Paul Lonsdale said the music had helped residents and retailers reclaim the mall.
"It is much more pleasant now. People sit in that area now because they feel safer," Lonsdale told the Christchurch Press newspaper.
Police backed the finding, with senior sergeant Gordon Spite telling the newspaper the music "created an environment that is conducive to good behaviour".
Lonsdale said the best anti-crime music blended into the background and had no noticeable beat.
He told Radio NZ the business association had considered playing Barry Manilow through the speakers when it began the programme 12 months ago but decided against it as it may drive customers away.

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