Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kayaker Surveys Water Sheds

In the beginning every program to both restore and optimize the health of water sheds begins with carefully collecting a wide range of data and mapping that data.  In this endeavor, everything matters and should be reported.

This work is an example of what this process entails.  It can be done by school children with a little training and class room oversight.  The real trick is repetition.  A new set of eyes every year will see new things while confirming past observations.  In time we have a rich data set.

Otherwise we manage by exception which is at best disastrous as related impacts are not easily controlled and managed.  One relies on other’s good will and good sense and that can easily be wrong headed.  After all the pioneers in Ontario grabbed the rich bottom lands, only to watch them wash away after clearing them.  Hardly a bright beginning.

This one person’s work shows also how easily a simple program of observation and communication has a positive impact.

Kayaker checks up on river health

Nov 3, 2010

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