Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adriano Forgione on Shroud of Turin Crop Image

This is at least an example again of am image reworked directly from known public domain images that cannot be explained any other way except through deliberate fabrication by outright human intervention.  As posted before, these crop images are been produced using a microwave laser also been used in defense experiments leading to the shooting down of missiles.

This is and always has been defense industry mischief.

The reconstruction was done by Adriano Forgione and sent to me by Lloyd Pye.

On July 30th of this year, in a place called Wickham Green in England, two new crop circlesappeared in adjacent fields, across a highway from each other, one being more north than the other. Before you consider Adriano's work with them, take a look and see how they were placed and how they looked.

Adriano and many other crop circle enthusiasts looked for meaning in the odd two-part formation tracked along 16 distinct lines in each case. The obvious thing to do was overlay them to see if anything appeared. Go here to see the kinds of things people came up with as possible meanings, then you'll see what a line-upon-line direct overlay looks like. 

Out of nowhere, Adriano said, he suddenly had a flash of insight. He decided to overlay the two, but not 16 lines on 16 lines. He bumped them over one line to make 17 lines, and suddenly what had no apparent meaning was now filled with it, at least to an Italian man like Adriano. Check his discovery:

Above are the two original crop circles on 16 lines each. 

Above is how Adriano blended them by shifting one line to make 17. 

To clarify the picture he created, he overlayed one filter in Photoshop, a basic sheet of checks, seen in the middle picture. That produced the image on the right, which exhibits a great deal more clarity than the picture on the left 

Yes, indeed, the picture Adriano created with a clever realignment of the crop circles, and one Photoshop filter, looks a great deal like the face seen in the world famous Shroud of Turin! Make your own decision about how that iconic image might have been found in two separate cereal crops in England.....

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