Monday, November 16, 2020

Voter fraud Scope

Right now we  are awash with ample reports and examples of voter fraud and general wrongdoing by the DEMs.  This is the climax of an evolving pattern dating back literally decades.

In 2020, it is reported that approximately 72,000,000 voted for Trump.  It is also reported that 79,000,000 voted for Biden.  The total is 151,000,000 votes.

Now we do have complete confidence in the Trump count and even have reason to think that it is under reported by perhaps a million physical votes thrown out and 2,000,000 switched to Biden.  Thus the correct count could be 75,000,000.

Now in 2016, we know that Trump landed around 62,000,000 votes while HRC landed around 63,000,000 votes for a total of 125,000,000 votes.  This means that in order for Biden to win we had to have 25,000,000 additional votes.  It is worse that that because 10,000,000 switched from the DEMs to Trump.  Thus Biden had to add 35,000,000 votes to the DEM column in order to generate this tresult.

We all know how hard Trump had to work to gain those 10,000,000 new voters from the DEMs.

Biden had a much harder task.  He had to create 35,000.000 new  voters that never existed before.

I am curious what moron actually thinks he did this.  In fact he drove voters away.

Now what might the real numbers be?  This time around the DEMs pumped in 35,000,000 votes in order to win.  My best estimate now is that they pumped in 15,000,000 during the 2016 run  thus their real vote then was around 50,000,000 voters.  That is not too unreasonable as the real count becomes 110,000,000 in total.  Also in 2016, Trump mobalized a large block of voters formally sitting out elections so this number should be strong against past elections as well.  What is interesting is that we all underestimated the real level of DEM fraud.  Yet the machinery had to be in place in order to rollout the present 35,000,000 votes.  Folks are also paid to do all this and they are not cheap.

Trumps Gain of an additional 10,000,000 from their own supporters forced them to actually go crazy this time around.  They were able to hide even 15,000,000 votes or some fraction of it back in 2016.  This time around 35,000,000 votes produces a priori proof of election fraud all over the place.  Not much has been said yet as the trap is well sprung and we are simply waiting for the last mice to arrive.

Charitably we had around 110,000,000 legitimate voters and adding or losing a few is completely predictable.  We never had 151,000,000 voters to call on anywhere.

We now hear from whistle blowers that 38,000,000 votes were machine switched.  That is huge because it puts the Trump count in excess of 110,000,000 all by himself.  subtract that from 79,000,000 and we have 41,000,000 for Biden in reality for a total count of 148,000,000 votes.  So the high total may well be correct.

Here is the incoming drill.  All legitimate ballets were watermarked and can be identified as legitimate.  The National Guard can do a clean sort of all cast ballots to reject all non compliant ballots lacking a water mark.  Then we can do a clean recount of only legitimate ballots to discover the real results.  Very simple.  Initial tests suggests 80/20 in Pa, however i do expect a more even count in California, NewYork and Ill.  You get the picture though.  

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