Wednesday, November 4, 2020

How Starship Will SQUASH Long Haul Aviation

Seriously we now have the deliverable technology.  We have starship 1.0.  with the use of multiple engines, we likely can use redundancy to operate in a fail safe manner.  Getting bigger is possible in small incremental steps in terms of scale.

Starship 2.0 can be optimized for exactly long haul aviation.  It is already big enough and the next step can be twice the volume and a large increase in capacity.  Now we have a craft able to launch smoothly and accelerate to sub orbital velocity without getting too hot.  Can we keep it under 2 gs?  Much higher is no fun and needs equipment.

The craft pops up into the high stratosphere and slides over to its destination.  The high velocity part will be in the high altitude.  Now we have a steady descent as well.  So yes this is perfect for long haul transport.

People need this.  We really do not need this for other goods as the alternate is cost competative and mature.  The key though is to drive costs down to the point it takes the market.  None of us use passenger ships or passenger trains as a common means of transport.

How Starship Will SQUASH Long Haul Aviation

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