Friday, November 6, 2020

The greatest sting in history?


The greatest sting in history

First off, The counted votes hugely surpass the number of registered voters in all the battle ground States.  This is impossible without ballet insertion or vote stuffing.  Thus it appears that the DOJ sat back and let the DEMs do exactly this.  This happens to be the smoking gun.  I am suspecting they are taking pictures as well.

As important, all legal ballots have a water mark which also uses an isotope.  This means that the dye used a chemical that was isotope enriched.  This is not easy to actually do but it certainly can be done.  This can be a simple as adding back a copper isotope to a copper based dye.  A few ounces likely for the whole batch.  

Testing equipment can easily confirm watermarks.  All this is old science in place for decades.  

The bottom line is that all ballots can now be resorted to eliminate fakers.  This will obviously begin the  moment that the vote counts are finished allowing the criminals to fully commit.  Thus we can recover the true count from the ballots and this will be done by the military.

The only question left is whether we will check every state for fraud.  Negatives are valuable as well.

It is particularly noteworthy that the GOP cleaned up the system in florida and we  had a clean efficient count along with a sharply increased plurality as expected.  That was huge and informs us the the legitimate vote will trend elswhere the same way.

In the meantime we get to watch all this play out.


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