Friday, November 20, 2020

Sidney Powell: ‘President Trump Won by a Landslide, We Are Going to Prove It’

My calculations powerfully suggests that Trump won 70% of  all legal votes.  Illegal ballots are rampant and i believe true in all States in order to avoid too much obvious statistical fraud.  The good news is that the Military grabbed the servers in Germany which held the raw data.  Thus vote switching took place after backup to the remote server which would be necessary for general integrity of the system and why it was in Germany.  This has been going on for a long time.

What is now going on is evidence gathering and this is much broader than is now obvious.  When this phase is actually over, we will be also able to collect all ballots not destroyed and verify their legality.  This should along with the servers confirm this seventy percent mark two ways.

Sorry, but the DEMs are so SCREWED and they also know it as well.  Thjus we are getting a flood of whistle blowerrs, many of which are ordinary citizens who do not need a criminal record to ruin their lives.

Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell speaks at a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington on Nov 19, 2020. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘President Trump Won by a Landslide, We Are Going to Prove It’

November 19, 2020 Updated: November 19, 2020

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell asserted during a Thursday press conference that President Donald Trump “won by a landslide,” saying that their legal team will prove it.

“We will not be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom,” she said. “American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government,” Powell added.

Powell, who alleged a transnational conspiracy involving the “influence of communist money” from countries including Cuba, Venezuela, and “likely China” to overturn the presidential race via election software. The longtime lawyer, who represented Gen. Michael Flynn, then called on the Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation.

Powell, a former prosecutor, made reference to a whistleblower that came forward and witnessed how voting software can secretly manipulate votes. The person said they worked with the Venezuelan military, outlining a conspiracy between Smartmatic executives, former socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and election officials in the country years ago. The whistleblower also said that the “software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System.”

“In short, the Smartmatic software is in the DNA of every vote tabulating company’s software and system,” the whistleblower alleged.

The Epoch Times could not independently verify the whistleblower’s claims.

Powell alleged that Smartmatic, Dominion, and others used technology on Election Day that was developed under Chavez’s regime years ago to “make sure he never lost an election.” Chavez died in 2013.

Dominion and Smartmatic have not responded to a request for comment.

Smartmatic has denied any ties to Dominion, while Dominion said that it has “no company ownership relationships with the Pelosi family, Feinstein family, Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela.” Dominion bought assets from a subsidiary of Smartmatic three years after it was sold. Smartmatic wrote on its website that it “does not have any ties to any governments or political parties in any country. It has never been owned, funded or backed by any government.”

Attorney Lin Wood, who filed a lawsuit alleging election irregularities in Georgia, wrote that Smartmatic’s statement that it has no ties with Dominion is a “LIE,” adding that a fact-checking website that contained the companies’ statements are “paid to publish propaganda.”

Also in the news conference, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani noted there were affidavits filed in battleground states that allegedly pointed to a centrally run voter fraud scheme to overturn the election in favor of Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

“In the city of Atlanta, Republicans were not allowed to watch the absentee mail-in ballot process. Inspections completely cast aside. And we have numerous double voters, we have numerous out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of intimidation and changes of vote. That will all be in the lawsuit that comes out tomorrow,” Giuliani said.

A number of secretaries in states in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and elsewhere have said they have seen no evidence of voter fraud that would overturn the election results. Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said the Nov. 3 election was the “most secure” in history.

The head of the Federal Elections Commission, Trey Trainor, cast doubt on many of the officials’ claims that there was no fraud, saying he believes “there was fraud” in key states.

President Trump fired Christopher Krebs, the former head of CISA, several days ago after the election security statement. Krebs, on Wednesday, attempted to qualify his remarks in saying that “I never claimed there wasn’t fraud in the election, [because] that’s not CISA’s job—it’s a law enforcement matter.”

“We did provide info on measures election officials use to prevent and detect dead voters, tho [sic],” he wrote.

Charlotte Cuthbertson contributed to this report.

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