Monday, November 2, 2020

Ocean Current Disrupted Arctic Basin Not Freezing

This year, first time ever, the Arctic freeze up did not begin duriuing October. This is a concurrent anomally.  The Ice extent LOW almost matched the 2012 LOW as well when we also observed a concurrent anomally in the winds.  

These two LOWs happen to bracket the serious ice losses taking place over the past decade and likely during the preceeding decade.  I suspect that this ice loss is approaching an amazing 90%.  Continuation of this phenomena tells us then that the whole polar region will be likely ice free breifly every summer.  

All this supports the idea that an excess of warm water is reaching the Arctic and will now open up the Arctic Sea during the Summer months.  Once this is well established, i suspect the sea will stay open for a long time even if the influx of warm water drops of.. 

Ocean Current Disrupted Arctic Basin Not Freezing

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