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The Light: Carbon dioxide has zero effect on temperatures

this is actually a great chart. The long one is geologic and it makes the argument just as absurd, but this captures a couple of centuries of human measurement and it is still absurd.

by the way, that CO2 chart is almost a straight line showing a nice bit of cycling.  the only way it might have been produced is from ice cores and that may simply be a measure of outgassing.

It makes sense that CO2 rose and the globe became developed and burned coal and oil particularly during the post war period.  Not so much before all that and trend line has to be suspect.

Yet after saying all that we are a still a long way actual proof of anything.  Geologically, all that carbon came from somewhere in order to be converted into biological carbon.  Think about that when you worry about all that coal and oil and Natural gas.

The Light: Carbon dioxide has zero effect on temperatures

JUNE 21, 2023

This month’s issue of The Light is now available worldwide to order printed copies or read online. Its 23 pages are filled with truthful reporting and a must-read for everyone to counteract propaganda espoused by the BBC.

Below is the story on the front page of the latest issue. It demolishes the climate hoax using two graphs and less than 300 words.

The following is republished from The Light, a people-funded monthly newspaper produced by The Light Paper. You can order copies of this and previous month’s or download a free pdf copy HERE.
No climate crisis

By Andrew Foster

Carbon dioxide has zero effect on temperatures.

Climate change is a vehicle for stripping us of basic freedoms – rights such as working, travel, and public access.

Ecological responsibility on the working man is leading us away from tradition and into the hands of corporate greed. The IPCC has set out environmental targets for 30 per cent biodiversity protection by 2030.

However, planting a load of spruce trees does not equate to an actual forest, as they continue to destroy UK native species such as oak and ash.

The climate hoax is an attack on farming and food production – documentaries bemoan the methane production of cows, while the growth and transportation of soya beans destroys rainforests and requires an immense amount of water.

In terms of CO2, little is done to prevent celebrities and world leaders from flying in private jets from London to Inverness, while we must cycle to work, turn off the lights and eat bugs, while none of it makes any difference, as you can see by the graphs above.

Post-pandemic, it was said that animals returned to towns and air quality improved. This was not the case, and also the recent push for reusable plastics was ignored, as single-use plastic covid tests, gloves and masks were produced and used by billions, while again making no difference.

The idea that we are helping the Earth by staying inside and complicit is pushing the public to accept that, in order to save the world we love so much, we must completely sacrifice our freedom.

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