Monday, June 26, 2023

Former FEMA Director Brock Long Arrested

Hey folks, ths chap just got picked up by the marines.  This is as close to an eye witness repport as we have seen.  Again we have a war underway in secrecy and yes the marines are doing the dirty work.

The only evidence we have had since this all began has been the silence.  And of course, bad boys have been disappearing all over.  We have gotten occasional reports on military tribunals.  quite simply, treason gives you a trip to GITMO.

in the meantime we have Trump and kennedy walking the walk sort off.  The rest not so much and a disinterested media.  how curious..  We are all waiting for the show to end and do understand that if the current regime is illegal, then all their actions will be voided. 

Former FEMA Director Brock Long Arrested

By Michael Baxter

-June 21, 2023

United States Marines arrested former FEMA Director Brock Long Monday morning, charging him with seditious conspiracy and treason, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Long, appointed by Donald Trump at Michael Pence’s recommendation, served as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency between June 23, 2017 – March 8, 2019, at which point he “resigned” amid criticism of an ethical complaint over using official vehicles for personal travel.

Our source said President Trump fired Long after learning that agents under his command had terrorized Houstonians during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

In August of that year, Long faced the first major natural disaster of his tenure in the form of Hurricane Harvey. He stated that the hurricane would likely be recorded for Texas as “the worst disaster the state’s seen,” with the recovery period expected to take “many years.”

Long’s ignorance or inability to control his subordinates contributed heavily to the damage and death toll, our source said.

As winds shredded roofs and toppled trailers, and torrential rain turned streets into rivers, marauding FEMA agents ransacked inundated homes and tormented residents who braved the storm. FEMA goons pillaged cash and guns, as they would later do under different leadership when Hurricane Ian socked southwest Florida.

Moreover, the FEMA Gestapo corralled the homeless, including disabled and indigent veterans, and brought them aboard a FEMA barge berthed at the Port of Houston. Those kidnapped were never seen again and are presumed dead.

When Trump learned of FEMA’s criminality, he confronted Long, who denied responsibility and said that “rogue agents” must have “taken matters into their own hands.” After a lengthy chewing out, Long promised to deliver the perpetrators to Trump’s doorstep. Trump gave Long 24 hours to find them—or face a military tribunal himself.

But Long absconded.

“We now know Brock Long fled the country after President Trump chewed his ear out. He bought a ticket to Buenos Aeries and hid there. Best we know, he was in Argentina until he tried slipping back into the U.S. Monday. But we knew he was coming.”

The Marines, he added, had staked out a residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, and swooped in on Long seconds after UBER dropped him off. The house, our source said, belonged to a longtime friend of Long, who never reached the doorbell.

“No, no, you can’t do this to me. I haven’t done anything,” Long reportedly shouted as Marines gagged him, zip-tying his wrists and ankles.

Our source would not say how Gen. Smith learned of Long’s long-awaited return to the United States.

“There are things we can do we don’t want the illegal administration to know about,” he said, “Brock Long will face a military tribunal.”

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