Friday, June 2, 2023

Swiss Police Use “Ninja Turtle” Sting To Identify Over 2,200 Child Sex Offenders

This is huge actually.  What it means is that we use AI to spoof any and all identified criminals in order to flush out prospective confederates while imitating the bad actor.

understand that i have seen a number of my older contacts been spoofed by Nigerian Scammers on abandoned or unused Facebook accounts.  It does not work well simply because i can pick up on the comm pattern.  such a method could be easily extended to abusers because the comm pattern is not in support of a scam.

what has been happening is that the police have been catching up with criminal opportunists.  There are only so many ways for these chaps to play and they have had a window of opportunity that is now closing off.

Swiss Police Use “Ninja Turtle” Sting To Identify Over 2,200 Child Sex Offenders 

June 1, 2023 Posted in: Patriot

Swiss authorities have disclosed that a covert operation employing the persona of a convicted pedophile (using the name “Ninja Turtle”) has resulted in the identification of over 2,200 child sex offenders and consumers of child pornography across the globe.

The operation, codenamed Ninja Turtle, unveiled startling revelations over several years, leading to arrests in Switzerland and various other nations, as announced by the police in the Aargau canton of northern Switzerland.

After apprehending the initial culprit, investigators continued to use his profile to expose additional pedophiles and perpetrators of illicit child exploitation material.

The statement revealed that arrests were executed in numerous Swiss cantons, along with Croatia, Brazil, France, and Spain.

And some of the individuals identified were not merely consumers of child pornography but also engaged in direct physical abuse of children.

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It seems a global sting operation is in effect! 🙏

Pray for those that are truly here to help these children that are being abused.

And if you want to learn more about the sick reality of child sex trafficking, be sure to watch the videos on


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