Thursday, June 8, 2023

Fundamental Problem of Empirical PHYSICS and CLOUD Cosmology

 Fundamental Problem of Empirical PHYSICS and CLOUD Cosmology

What we will construct now is visual protocol allowing us to grasp the meaning of our own theory of Cloud cosmology as well perhaps of our present theoretical dispenstion which i argue is lacking, not least because what is empiracally unseen is then thought to not exist.

We have already posted that my cloud cosmology easily generates three levels of neutral particles called as follows:

1   Neutral Neutrino Pair     NnP

2   Neutral Electron Pair      NEP

3   Neutral  Neutron pairs    NNP

please observe that all these are neutral for our discussion. but do react at short range along axis as per Cloud Cosmology.  This makes them potentially sticky at short range.  also understand that each is a Platonic solid of the smaller and this means that the NNP contains around 620 NEPs and that the NEP is formed from about 620 NnPs.

What all this means though is that we have no effective way to detect any of this at all.

What we can detect are decay products produced by the NNPs.  Rather obviously a single NNP decays into a hydrogen atom which we can actually sort of detect.

To help you, I am going to use a fruit analog to describe all this.

1   NNP as two grapefruit sticking together.  Now decaying to hydrogen reduces size somewhat, yet the decline rate is a spiral function.

2   A hydrogen atom can be described as either a lemon and a lime locked together or possibly as a grapefruit and a lemon.  Obviously a small change in size happening but not radically different. of course our hydrogen atom has a free single electron out in an orbital rather far away and provides our means of actual detection.

this puts the two types into perspective.

Now we need to understand that our grapefruit consists of around 620 NEP elderberry pairs as we continue with this visual analogy.  And by extension each Elderberry contains 620 seed pairs or what we call NnPs or Neutral Neutrino Pairs.

These analogy helps us put the scales together while also allowing the hydrogen to jump away from the packing taking place.  It also helps us understand what we are doing when we smash two neutrons together.

This now gives us a working model for discussing the so called Ether which so far we have only confirmed recently as real after ignoring it for a century.

Again none of this can be detected and that is the most important problem of empirical physics.  It has actually taken me decades to properly imagine it at all.  Yet this is our natural ocean.

Now as i have posted, all these are sticky as very short range and the actual release of a single electron produces  the physical world we are and experience.

What also happens is that all those free NNPs in particular will also conglomerate to form proto elements through the whole atomic table.  Let us label any and all of them as ECgxx or ECgLi, ECgSc, ECgW as examples.  Again we cannot detect these guys at all.

These ECgs are all potential decay products and likely it as a full on reordering of position and multi proton decay.  Also expect cosmic rays to be thrown off.  Whaever the preferred decay products, it will certainlly produce dust in space if the decay happens in space and certainly disposes of the niggling problem of producing elements deep inside a gravity well and then expecting them to get out into space to be collected.

i should mention that i do think that gravity wells end up producing an event horizon which i suspect unwinds all matter into photons which then exit the gravity well.  Again for those relativists out there, the inverse of empirical infinity is not ZERO.

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