Thursday, June 29, 2023

global cryptid sightings.


This item reports on a large number of global sightings of both wooly mammoths and also saber toothed whatevers as they are not cats.  Turns out to be rather robust, just like our work on the bigfoot which is now an absurd 20,000 eye witness reports and climbing.

We also have one excellent baby mammoth report which then went and did a puff the magic dragon routine, informing us why we never ever see these beasties.  what this confirms is that our critters can jump forward or back in TIME and step then out of sight avoiding detection or pursuit.  I certainly do not think anyone is extinct at all in this case.

Do understand something hugely important.  The human footprint is wonderfully contained and easily avoided leaving massive land tracts available as the happy hunting ground.  we look at highway systems and then forget that that is often it.

Understand that we have millions of square miles everywhere, a few thousand miles of highway with an average sightline measured in yards folks.  the rest is hunting ground belonging to an aware group of critters who usually do their thing at night.  We spot the daytime operators.

What this loudly reports is that real herds of mammoths exists out in those forests and they can do a puff the magic routine when they hear or sense human presence..  And all sorts of saber tooths out in the hills all over.

understand that a preditor will run a contained territory and that range will certainly exclude human involvement.  only bears are daytime and heavy enough on the ground to be seen often. any other preditor uses several times their range at least and outright avoids human interaction for obvious reasons.

what this does give us is a collection of identifications over decaees to now and it is big enough to describe as a phenom.  Still looking for those mastodons though.

global cryptid sightings.

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