Monday, June 12, 2023

Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the COVID Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter.

This is the criminal case laid out.  what has been happening is that all the pertinernt science has been catching up to the natural implications of what are the Meta Stats.

The total global court system is now fully engaged and all running dogs who participated are facing a legal reality which is unwinnable.  It may not be the reality of Nuremburg but just like those thousands of individual prison guards, it is still justice in slo mo.

Many of the petrps have already been taken but most have not and a public exposure is almost mandated.  TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT will become a curse.

Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the COVID Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence Is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

Global Research, June 05, 2023

First published on May 17, 2022

The report is a bombshell. The vaccine was launched in mid-December 2020. By the end of February 2021, “Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.”

This Confidential Pfizer Report provides data on deaths and adverse events recorded by Pfizer from the outset of the vaccine project in December 2020 to the end of February 2021, namely a very short period (at most two and a half months).

The data from mid-December 2020 to the end of February 2021 unequivocally confirms “Manslaughter”. Based on the evidence, Pfizer had the responsibility to immediately cancel and withdraw the “vaccine”.

Pfizer’s Worldwide marketing of the Covid-19 Vaccine beyond February 28th, 2021, is no longer an “Act of Manslaughter”.

Murder as opposed to Manslaughter implies “Criminal Intent”.

Pfizer’s Covid 19 Vaccine constitutes a Criminal Act. From a legal standpoint it is an “Act of Murder” applied Worldwide to a target population of 8 billion people.

What is contained in Pfizer’s “confidential” report is detailed evidence on the impacts of the “vaccine” on mortality and morbidity. This data which emanates from the “Horse’s Mouth” can now be used to confront as well formulate legal procedures against Big Pharma, the governments, the WHO and the media.

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