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Baby Saved; Delta Force Arrest 48 Satanic Perps Including Judge, Sherif

we have posted many times that a major global war is underway and that a prime target is the elimination of the natural Pedo conspiracy.  Understand that this is the only natural conspiracy in existence.  all other conspiracy are basedon money and greed and are naturally unstable and short term.  The king is always vriding the tiger.

Here is a reported takedown and it is pretty clear.  interferance goes with the territory and also polices up additional suspects.  They are all watched and hte hard part is actionable evidence.

No one is more desperate for power than a pedo.  Remeber that as you look at them all.

Baby Saved; Delta Force Arrest 48 Satanic Perps Including Judge, Sheriff, While AG Sets Sheriff Free & Charges Whistleblower Who Set Up Sting Operation

Sunday, June 4, 2023 20:47

On Memorial Day evening May 30, 2023, (A Satanic Holiday) 22 Delta Force Operatives interrupted an attempted Child Sacrifice rite secreted in a canyon of Cache Valley Utah.

Blood had already been drawn from the traumatized baby when the 22 operatives stepped out of the darkness and surrounded 48 Blackwater Satanic perpetrators – one of whom was a local District Judge and another, the Cache County Sheriff.

One of the Satanic followers attempted to pull out a pistol, but unfortunately was standing next to a Military Liaison who had infiltrated the group. That perp was immediately subdued, saving the life of everyone present.

Of those detained, it was reported that one was a local District Judge and the other, the Cache County Sheriff – although the County Sheriff was released without explanation.

Both the Judge and Sheriff had been documented by an agent in the Special Activities Division of the CIA, Tom Fairbanks, in his records about Satanic Ritual Abuse and Crimes Against Humanity taking place in Cache County.

The other 47 Blackwater Satanic perpetrators detained were sent to Hill Field Air Force Base in Layton Utah and later moved to an unknown location for interrogation.

Earlier this year, breaches in security resulted in multiple attempts to eliminate the Military Liaison, who had been deeply involved with Fairbanks in investigation of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Cache County.

In three separate incidents members of what is referred to as the Academy (previously known as Blackwater) ambushed the Military Liaison, who was out on an assignment in a remote area of Utah. The Liaison miraculously neutralized seven of the attackers, and then returned to continue his assignment. While in transit Military air support warned him that 52 Academy members were waiting to take him out. Air support took action and the 52 were eliminated, though, damage was sustained by one of the helicopters in the firefight.

When the Military Liaison finally arrived back at his remote location looking like a lonely hiker out for an adventure with his dog, he was interrupted by two low level Academy flunkies. They told him he could not be in that area because there was a military operation taking place. After leaving as directed, air support was called in, which eliminated 200 members of the Academy who were lying in wait to take out the “hiker” their flunkies had turned away.

As a result, 259 members of Academy were eradicated. Since the Academy was a paid mercenary force of the Deep State, someone was out millions of dollars for a failed result.

In a completely separate incident this year word was received that an assassin was in Logan Utah. The Military Liaison was soon made aware that someone, decked out in full body armor complete with grenades, was attempting to pick the lock on the back door of his home. Sneaking up on that individual with a knife in his hand, the Military Liaison sliced his neck, the only area exposed on the would-be intruder, severing his spinal cord.

While the man lay bleeding out on the back porch, the Military Liaison pulled out his cell phone and called the County Sheriff’s personal cell phone number, which had been given to him by the Sheriff himself when the Military Liaison was undercover at a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) gathering he had infiltrated.

The Sheriff arrived with two deputies and took the would-be intruder who was still alive, placed him in the back seat of a cruiser and took him away. There were no lights or sirens, no emergency services personnel, and no one bothered to take a police report.

Oh yes, and by the way, this County Sheriff was the same one detained and released at the attempted 

Both the Judge and Sheriff’s Department were named in Tom Fairbank’s documentation. He has been under Military Protection ever since. For years Fairbanks has been actively participating in US Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), while operating undercover exposing the ugly and sorted details of criminals involved in Cache County SRA. As a result of his work Fairbanks was inducted into the Special Activities Division of the CIA.

Fairbank’s exposure of that Satanic Ritual Abuse resulted in big time retaliation against him from the criminal justice system. The courts manufactured a crime against him by deceptively orchestrating an indictment, and then denied him his constitutional rights by preventing him from presenting his own defense, and the ability to have witnesses on the stand at his trial (A Kangaroo Court).

This was followed by a Federal Judge ignoring Fairbank’s Court Filing for Mistrial while threatening to issue him an arrest warrant. Another Judge denied him a Motion for Acquittal.

There was reason for all the court shenanigans. Years prior to the Child Sacrifice arrest by Delta Force Fairbanks had approached a US Attorney General as a Whistleblower of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children in Cache County. It took only seven months for the US Attorney’s office to file personal charges – against Fairbanks.

A State Witness, Prosecutors and members of an alleged victim’s family appeared to have colluded together in an effort to manufacture a crime against Fairbanks, charging him with Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud and Money Laundering.

The primary complainant was an alleged victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse who was deceased by trial time. By her own admission to Fairbanks in front of his public defender, she did not believe Fairbanks defrauded her.

Prior to being charged, Fairbanks had named her and other co-conspirators in numerous affidavits and Friend of the Court Briefs as being connected to Public Corruption, Sex & Human Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Around May of 2022, the Military Laison who had worked with Fairbanks on the arrests and killings of now 307 Blackrock Satanic SRA perpetrators, met with him and his public defender, Spencer Rice, at the Baugh Motel in Logan Utah. Mr. Rice was told the case against Fairbanks needed to be dismissed as a matter of National Security.

Fairbank’s public defender Rice did not believe anything the Military Liaison had said and did not notify the court, or the prosecution, of the meeting, nor did he inform the Court that the case was deemed a matter of National Security.

The trial against Fairbanks included a serious number of procedural errors with evidence of misconduct, along with violations of federal prohibitions; witness tampering by intimidation; suppression of evidence; Conflict of Interest; illegal destruction of records, plus neither defendant Fairbanks, nor his witnesses, were allowed to testify. Some witnesses were afraid that their testimony would result in retaliatory charges from the prosecution.

Fairbank’s public defenders met personally with the alleged now-deceased Victim on multiple occasions, yet they failed to preserve her testimony with a deposition, nor did the public defenders have the victim’s personal attorney (who was willing and waiting for his subpoena) appear as a witness and testify of his personal and professional knowledge of the victim’s feelings, nor to provide information in now-suppressed documents.

The Judicial Branch (DoJ) has been unlawfully operating for the last 140 years. Satanists work their way into high politically powerful positions and make enormous efforts to cover up their evil deeds, while enslaving the masses to a corrupt system of leadership. This was only one example of corruption, collusion and the lengths Satanic Worshippers of the Deep State will go to hide their Crimes Against Humanity.

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