Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Biological Plasmas

Biological Plasmas

 We return today to my contemplation on my Cloud Cosmology and Plasma Physics.  We have largely and deliberately moved lightly around all the physics you think you know, not least because it is all about decay products from my Cloud cosmology consisting of three separate neutral constructs.  The Big one is the NNP, and the other two are the NEP and the NnP all a cascade in scale from the neutron as a pair, the electron as a pair and the neutrino as a pair.  We also already acknowledge conglomarates of NNPs forming proto elements, also likely neutral before experiencing decay.

all this is deemed almost undetectable, but that is not totally true.  Biological work has given us various expression of energy over the past century and we also now need to include Ether in this mix.  It is there but very difficult to study and all mixed up as we could expect.  what is certain, is that it is not been given us as a nice box of tools.

My own work nicely describes the act of creation and the resultant neutral production of particles.  Yet i also know that this is not simple either, but a strong tendency.  what we do not have though is access to mathematical continuity and fields and all that which makes a lot of our even known particle theory suspect.  what we do have though is a huge number of potential axis along which it is possible for another axis to link up when the scales actually fit.

thus we can expect that a primary axis from a proton to link up at a specific distance with a proton.  this distance is close for two neutrons but much more distant for a proton.  Modeling all this correctly will take huge amounts of computer power and huge amounts of simulations.

yet they all have axis along which a stable linkage is possible.

that means i can imagine a sheet of NNPs locking down free protons on one side and free electroms on another side.  so suddenly we can produced almost engineered constructs instead of relying of random assembly which is certainly part of our cosmology.  this almost natural inclination to self engineer at any scale is powerful in our understanding of our biolgical life and even our space plasma.  

what becomes clear is that our ocean of NNPs is truly 98% our of our galaxy and our decay products are nicely shielded and perhaps even manipulated at the smallest scales and plausibly way higher.  Recall that our own Solar system is deeply engineered to start with and we can suddenly dispense with aliens intervening at all..

So just how deeply is our biology engineered??  this is not the matrix per se but a construct using plasmas.  My meditation efforts showed me a deep but lit matrix of close packed metal like purple framework which was certainly not disordered or even random.  but it was a huge repeatable construction.  could NNPs form the axis from which plasma tubes linked to other axis allowing information transfer?  It really does look like the magnetic core of the original computers..

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