Friday, June 2, 2023

NEW Physics

What i am attempting here is to create a simple conceptual model for our physics using the insights gained from my Cloud cosmology and the SPACE TIME Pendulum.

As I have posted, the act of creation within a void triggers a steady production of fundamental particles or SPACE TIME Pendula.  These particles then first combine as platonic solids to form Neutral Electron Pairs or NEPs to form a second type of matter.  These then repeat the process to form Neutral Neutron pairs or NNPs.  also forming a third type of matter also combining as platonic solids made from the earlier NEPs.  I also suggest that these NNPs then naturally go on to form up as proto platonic solids as well but not nearly so well ordered.

My central point is that all this created matter scales down such that a flux of either easily flows through each other and can in all ways be treated as essentially neutral, although that is not quite true but hugely true as compared to what we can measure.  By scale, it is possible to imagine a giant well spaced gill net been traversed by schools of trout, schools of minnows and of course water which no one sees or detects.

What we are and then experience are all decay products which actually produce a broadly spaced net of their own through which even the NNPs have no problem navigating.  Now this is actually huge and also predictive.  I should note that an NNP is close in scale but smaller that our decay products which scale up because of electron orbitals.

What must be understood is all this is sublight.  For that reason, all productive centers depending on the original void size will continously produce a neutral matter flux out to its natural limit which is a function of the original void size.  Thus we have the Sun producing a sphere of influence or neutral matter production to well beyond the Oort Cloud. We also have Earth producing a sphere defined by the Van allen Belts..  Similar forms should exist for all the larger planets at least.  We just cannot detect them.

We also observe indications of deep space production of decay products or space dust.  I have already noticed that hydrogen decay on the surface of the sun explains the intense production of heat above that surface in the corona while the solar crust appears to likely be molten matter at the usual temperature for just that.  It is completely plausible that most decay matter is initially produced inside our Solar envelope with low gravity.

I originally proposed this sub light scheme somewhat for the Galaxy itself but it ceertainly applies best to any star and planet system.  understand that a sun or planet can only produce a finite number of neutral particles which all fly away from the production zone.  This naturally poduces a sphere whose growth must approach zero or enough that natural pasaage will attrit enough to keep it all in balance such as we see.

It is quite possible that surplus matter then migrates toward the Galactic center to be consumed.  It surely looks that way.

All of this is informed by my conscious grasp and imagination of the SPACE TIME Pendulum and of course the discovery of the higher ordered Pythagorean Metrics and their inferances for the General Theory and Particle physics. You may ignore all this as long as you wish.  Otherwise work on it until you internalize it properly,  You will be happy to know that mastery of Tensor or much else is not needed.  Classic geometry is welcome though. and contemplation of tetrahedral packing in particular.


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