Wednesday, June 28, 2023

SpaceX Starship Never Stops Thrusting With Hot Staging

This is good news and should actually go smoothly.  That will be a real extra boost in thrust which has already been obviously trottled back allowing the craft to gain altitude.  This bird is getting hotter and hotter.

We are certainly well on the way to shipping tons of stuff into space and using the last stage as a possible module for a space station is also good.  We can then expect to assemble a packed tetrahedral space station able to rotate around a central hub to produce some internal g force as well.

We can ship a short large hub ring in sections.  This can act as a compression ring to hold suspension cables as well.  The initial tetraheda can have apexes attached to the ring to form a first constyruct using two dozen space X stages and not yet be far from the central hub used dock incomingcraft.

None of this is so massive that we cannot start the process of spinning it up.

SpaceX Starship Never Stops Thrusting With Hot Staging

June 24, 2023 by Brian Wang

Musk said, describing the switch to hot staging. “There’s a meaningful payload-to-orbit advantage with hot-staging that is conservatively about a 10% increase.” This will be done on the next Super Heavy Starship launch. This was discussed 36 minutes into the Twitter Space.

Hot-staging hasbeen used on Russian launch vehicles for decades. The engines of one stage are ignited while still attached to its lower stage. Musk said that, for Starship, most of the 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy booster would be turned off, but a few still firing, when the engines on the Starship upper stage are ignited. Doing so, he said, avoids the loss of thrust during traditional stage separation, where the lower stage shuts down first.

Doing so requires some modifications to the Super Heavy booster. Musk said SpaceX is working on an extension to the top of the booster “that is almost all vents” to allow the exhaust from the upper stage to escape while still attached to the booster. SpaceX will also add shielding to the top of the booster to protect it from the exhaust.

“This is the most risky thing, I think, for the next flight,” he said of the new stage separation technique.

Besides the change in stage separation, Musk said SpaceX made a tremendous number of other changes to the vehicle, “well over a thousand.”

SpaceX was continuing work to upgrade the launch pad to avoid the damage caused by the first Starship launch April 20, such as a “steel sandwich” water deluge system. “We’re actually going for overkill on the steel sandwich and the concrete, so that should leave the base of the pad in much better shape than the last time.”

SpaceX does not spend any time thinking about competition. They only focus on improving their own systems.

If SpaceX luck holds they will launch 80% of the mass of the world’s payloads to orb

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