Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Vaccines Meant to Affect the Brain Can Be Delivered through Nasal Swabs Without Our Knowledge

We are not even talking about vaccines. we are talkng about innoculants able to penetrate the brain.  The rest can be entirely a cover story if for instance you wish to sterilize the victim.

The mass of misinformation and non information around this pandemic, is ample reason to be paranoid.

In fact the whole framework around the vaccination industry is turning out to be rife with real fraud, bot financial and scientific clearly perpetrated by the companies selling the MEME.

It all needs to be brought to account with solid science also applied..

The MEME has worked plausibly in several instances and those have to be properly studied to eliminate potential scientific fraud.  The rest appear to be forced into the science willy nilly for the purpose of making money.  Worse, there are meta stats supporting clinical harm from adjuvants as well.

Vaccines Meant to Affect the Brain Can Be Delivered through Nasal Swabs Without Our Knowledge

It is unknown whether the existing nanotechnology for drug delivery has been used to deliver Covid-19 vaccines. This article describes several methods of delivery that include intranasal administration that can bypass the blood-brain barrier and deliver chemicals directly to the brain. Hydrogel nanosystems can adhere to mucous in the nose for the purpose of increasing the period of contact with the nasal mucosa and enhance drug absorption. Johns Hopkins University researchers developed tiny, star-shaped “theragrippers” that mimic the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines. Some critics suggest that these nano-devices already have been deployed in theCOVID-19 tests that use nasal swabs. -GEG

by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu:

I don’t know if they do it, because no independent researchers examine those swabs, but I have always pointed out that our overlords seem more concerned with testing than with vaccinating. Almost like the vaccines were the bait and tests were the switch. And now we also know they totally CAN do

Just follow the science below.

Scientific research paper excerpt:

Methods: Intranasal administration is a non-invasive metod of drug delivery that may bypass the BBB [blood brain barrier], allowing therapeutic substances direct access to the brain. However, intranasal administration produces quite low drug concentrations in the brain due to limited nasal mucosal permeability and the harsh nasal cavity environment. Pre-clinical studies using encapsulation of drugs in nanoparticulate systems improved the nose to brain targeting and bioavailability in brain. However, the toxic effects of nanoparticles int he brain are unknown.

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