Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Tall Upright Wolf-Like Creature Encountered In Sinaloa, Mexico Balsas Forest


What is remarkable here is that the witness described both the upper paws, but also observes that the feet are three toed.  Claws are visible on all of that.  This is our three toed giant sloth and it left them alone.

It is naturally aboreal and could have gone after them in a second.  It could be that it depends heavily on scent as we have observed before.  They were smelling it which means they were at least well down wind.

All this is well known from Giant Sloth fossil skeletons.  This sightying actually caught the critical largish head and odd hind leg with  the large claws.  Usually we get one or t5he other and must interpolate from other observations and knowing we are looking for a giant sloth to begin with.

Tall Upright Wolf-Like Creature Encountered In Sinaloa, Mexico Balsas Forest

Sunday, December 06, 2020


A Mexican teen boy and his friend are deep into the Balsas forest in Sinaloa one night when they encounter an upright wolf-like creature. They climb a large tree and stay there until morning.

The following account was referred to me by a reader:

"My encounter happened when I was a teen, around 2005. I lived in a small village not too far from where my encounter happened in the Balsas forest in Sinaloa, Mexico. I did not tell anyone until years later.

My friend and I were quite the trouble makers, I will not lie, and we decided to go off on our own. We went to Balsas forest and we did not go to camp, but we messed around and played until dark began to come. I was never fearful of the dark. It never gave me fear.

So as dark began to fall upon us we were fine and it was not unusual for me to just wonder off and go to my friends with out telling me mum. Like I said, I was pretty bad back then, and I never listened to my mother anyway. Now the forest was hot and humid so we had no shirts on. We took them off and casually hung them around our shoulders. We wore shorts and sandals. I was actually tormenting a snake with a stick while my friend laughed at me. The dark came yet the whole moon shone bright down through the trees so it was ok we could still see. We put our shirts on as it gets colder at night.

We were getting ready to leave and I thought I knew everything back then. I was very wrong. We heard footsteps off in front of us somewhere but they were so heavy, not really like human, yet clearly two footed steps. We were more interested in seeing what it was and my friend suggest we hide in the foliage to scare whatever it was, a person or an animal. We just wanted fun. We got in the foliage and giggled to each other and watched, waiting.

The thuds became louder and it came out into the opening so fast like a raging bull. It was not a bull. Now we are terrified. This beast was around 7 foot tall, maybe more. It was black and grey, like silver in places. Its fur was matted and horrible with a smell like I have never smelled again. I can not describe that smell but it made you wretch. The ears were pointed. We never said a word to each other as we stared at it sniffing the air like a wolf on the scent of its prey. You could see defined body muscles and arms. Yes, arms and hands with very long unusual fingers with claws. It had a very long snout. You could see it had fang-like teeth, dog-like in many ways but much too big. It had backwards bent back legs and the strangest feet I have ever seen elongated with three toes huge toes. It looked so strange.

It then suddenly snapped its head towards us and stared with intent of evil. You could tell. Its eyes were amber and slanted looking. We just ran. We did not know what else to do. We made a big mistake because it was now too dark to see clearly and in all the panic we thought we were lost and we just went to nearest large tree and climbed as far up as we could. We sat there in the dark listening to thudding steps through the forest. We stayed huddled in that tree all night, waiting to be eaten or killed. It never came.

The next thing I remember, it was morning. You don't know fear like that, praying in a tree for your life, cold and terrified. Being in danger from falling from the tree did not matter. That thing did matter. When the morning came, we knew we are way back deep into the forest. Funny how fear can change your perception.

When I got home my mum scolded, shouted and went on so long about where had I been. I had never been shouted at like that before. I never told anyone. My friend and I never did until later. My mum thought her shouted changed me, but no, that thing changed me and I did not stray again. Now I live in London, England, but it will stay with me forever." CH

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