Saturday, December 12, 2020

All Tested Animals Died After Vaccination and Infection

This happens to be a horrible claim story and it may well be false. It better be false.

We also have the claim story that this vaccine has been engineered to hyper react to a wild virus.Throw in knjown hyper reations to alergins in vaccines and just what do we have?  A potpourri of fatal claim stories that all may be coming from a smoke machine.

They are serious enough to demand real scrutiny. And just why are politicians making these decissions when the science is turning out smoke and mirrors as well.

This second wave is a  test driven faux pandemic without real death stats.  Why are we been lied to?.

All Tested Animals Died After Vaccination and Infection

Thomas Anderson

Thursday, December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020
Dear Readers,

I can not yet give you an internet link, probably I wont be able to do so in future either, but this rumor is worth hearing it.

In Germany there is the Friedrich Loeffler Institute.

This institute is so good, that they found the first evidence of the birdflu in Germany. and of course all over Germany.

While 1.000 m (meters) away, so: less than a mile, in Poland, nobody ever heard of that bird flu or ever found evidence for it there.

If you want to know about the real story behind bird flu, please read my first book (see below)).


It was told in a Facebook video in German language that this institute announced some months ago that they would do a standard clinical test for the vaccine– and never talked about the results.

Now, here is why they probably didn’t tell anybody in public about the test results:

They took 40 animals. 20 of them got the vaccination against C19.

After surviving the vaccination without any bigger problems, they went on with the normal clinical standard way and infected all 40 animals with C19 to see, if the vaccination works.

The 20 non-vaccinated animals got C19, went through this infection and after a little bit more than a week they all recovered from it.

The 20 vaccinated animals all died after 2 days after the infection with C19.

There were many other reported facts in this video. For example, that every doctor is required to do a complete anamneses on the patient prior to vaccination, to check if there are any factors on that particular patient which would perhaps be responsible for any problems together with this vaccination.

Now.. the guideline for doctors in Germany regarding the vaccination was given out to them some weeks ago. The official targeted MINIMUM of patients vaccinated per day and doctor is 300.

That gives a doctor, working 8 hrs per day, a little bit more than a minute. Of course only, If there is NOTHING else to do in his office and NO other patient with NO other problem.

I guess you can see the problem: less than 2 minutes gives you enough time to say:

“hello, sit down, pull up your shirt, here is the needle, thank you, good bye” but for more, there is simply no time.


The poor people in England already started with the procedure.

Europe and other countries will soon follow.

Mr. Trump: IT IS TIME!!!!

Pull the trigger, stop this game.

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