Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This election was rigged — deeply - With Patrick Byrne

We already know from plenty of sources that fraud was endemic.  Here we have stats properly processed using best tools for a deep dive.  The Fraud holds up.

This is the one thing capable of giving pause.  It is not happening.

We also undetrstand that the Military expected all this.  Thus a plan is been worked and implimneted

We get to watch.  I find it noteworthy that the FBI may not be participating.  Attack by a foreign power?

Patrick Byrne of Overstock has been poring through the data: This election was rigged — deeply


Patrick Byrne, founder of OverStock, a $2b e-commerce company, and also got some fame for his battle against illegal naked short selling and work to break up Wall St corruption around 2005. He’s a Dartmouth, Cambridge, Stanford, Maths and Philosophy guy. A data man.
Worth Watching: There are at least ten ways to hack an election

Some paraphrased snippets:

“We have clear evidence that they are targeting certain congressmen. I believe they are going to find two Republicans. I think it’s going to turn out that one of these Republicans at a State level may have got “election insurance”. The promise they would keep being elected. The sum involved to purchase Dominion machines was $100 million.

“Every state that uses Dominion — we should investigate who signed the order to bring it in. No one who did due diligence would.

“Call your state legislature — send them this video –Anyone who signs these “Cert” forms should go to jail. They have personal legal liability.

Details of the technique plus “more coming out tomorrow”:

The five city “Drop and Roll” technique of vote fraud

In the Drop and roll technique, they shut the voting down, calculate what they need, then drop a batch in to “Catch up”. After that they roll out for example, 53 batches in a row and each batch measures exactly 51.2% for Biden and 48.8% for Trump and they roll that difference forward. All this will be released tomorrow.

The five cities where the deep cheating went on: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Maracopa County, Arizona. They hide behind black regions so then they will call you a racist if you question it.

He posts on Deepcapture.com and promises more information on this to come.

He has put “a lot” of money into Sidney Powells work, and suggests people help DefendingTheRepublic.Org. It’s not 100% clear if he knew Sidney was disconnected from the Trump team when he said this — but he recommended her donation page.

Again, in this month in the twilight zone of censorship there are some wild claims, just dropped in there as an aside…

“Past election fraud? I don’t want to get ahead of the data, but it may have happened in 2012. It (fraud) was supposed to happen in 2016 for Hillary but it was shut down. I know exactly who shut it down. It’s one of the reasons why Hillary didn’t feel the need to campaign too much.

Who knows what to make of that, except to say that we know there was software in existence that could have played a role. If it could have been used, would it… ?

There is something reassuring about knowing that people who are otherwise sharp and successful are volunteering to get involved.

Still waiting for that evidence.

Though there is always this: Hereistheevidence.com

h/t Scott of the Pacific.

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