Friday, December 11, 2020

Texas lawsuit with SCOTUS reveals pathway to instant victory for Trump

A simple ruling by SCOTUS on this case goes to the heart of hte matter and will ceertainly end hte attempted theft of the election.  Auditing every State is also a welcome idea, but time consuming.

turning ove 60 electoral votes now is good and allows business as usual.

Ample evidence of massive voter fraud now abounds and can not be denied except through the textbooks of a new CCP oligarchy

The election itself delivered a true 75/25 vote in favor of Trump.  After the ongoing drama is over we swill also get that.  So that you know that you are not going crazy.

Situation Update, Dec. 10th – Texas lawsuit with SCOTUS reveals pathway to instant victory for Trump

Thursday, December 10, 2020 by: Mike Adams

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Image: Situation Update, Dec. 10th – Texas lawsuit with SCOTUS reveals pathway to instant victory for Trump

(Natural News) The Texas lawsuit filed with the US Supreme Court — now supported by 18 states and enjoined by 6 states (pending) — reveals the path for an instant victory for President Trump. Details of this lawsuit are covered in today’s Situation Update (Dec. 10th), available at

This one-hour podcast also covers:

How we are all living under “enemy occupation” with YouTube now declaring that no videos are allowed if they question the “official” election results (the rigged results).

How the Texas lawsuit puts 62 electoral votes into play. If these swing to Trump, he is the clear winner.

What happens next if SCOTUS dismisses the cases or rejects the Texas argument.

Why the US Supreme Court needs to rule in favor of Texas if SCOTUS is to survive as a legitimate institution.

Lawmakers in Michigan and Missouri are officially questioning the rigged election and demand forensic audits.

This podcast also discusses the possible remedies which could be offered by SCOTUS, including nullification of all ballots received after midnight on Election Day, or nullifying the entire election results in the four swing states, kicking the election back to those state legislatures.

The coronavirus vaccine is a global extermination weapon targeting the human race

In addition, today’s Situation Update covers the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine in the UK and why UK regulators are warning that people who have severe allergic reactions should avoid the vaccine altogether. (Hint: It causes a hyperinflammatory response that can be deadly.)

Links between Pfizer, Gilead and China.

Why globalists are so desperate for total compliance for the coronavirus vaccine.

When we can expect to start seeing widespread deaths and infertility from these vaccines. (Hint: It won’t be right away. It takes a subsequent exposure to the pathogen.)

Why we can’t stop billions of sheeple from committing “vaccine-assisted suicide” and removing themselves from the human gene pool. But these are the same conformist people who also tend to vote Democrat and try to take away all your basic human rights such as the freedom to speak or freedom to own firearms. When these gullible morons commit vaccine-assisted suicide, they actually reshape the world by removing themselves from it.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Hear all the Situation Updates at the Health Ranger Report channel on

Also, watch this new interview with Dave Janda ( which reveals why the Texas case with SCOTUS has a good chance of achieving victory:

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