Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Ivermectin “obliterates” transmission of Covid, but it’s too cheap to be used

We already understand that the finacial gag of Big Pharma must end.  Here we see it failing to cure a curable disease because they want to invent a new expensive solution.

We have seen this tendency out there for years when known trusted products are run of the shelf..

What has happened to medical ethics?  Is Trump the only person pushing real change and is he really doing that.  Or are we witnessing a forced solution brought in over his head and everyone elses?

The Pharma Monopoly is no longer doing no harm.  It all needs a trip thyrough bankruptcy and a real receivership.

Ivermectin “obliterates” transmission of Covid, but it’s too cheap to be used


Some things matter. The biggest scandal of Covid — the one worth fighting for — is that there are drugs that work, which are safe and well tested, but they suffer from the crippling problem of being too cheap for our captured public health institutions to use. Because they are old safe, mass produced and out of patent no Pharmaceutical giant will make mass profits, which dooms them to being ignored, under researched, and generally scoffed at in rude dismissive terms.

The biggest failure of our government health agencies right now is the Black Hole of Medicine — the astronomical event horizon beyond which cheap safe drugs disappear without a trace.

3,000 people are dying every day in the USA and 5,000 a day are dying in Europe, mostly from a problem which can be solved to a large extent.

Sure, the media hate HCQ because “Donald”. But it’s not just HCQ and it’s not just Trump — the media ignore all the cheap antivirals and all the rich nations have the same medical Black Hole. This is the work of the Medical Swamp, captured by Big Pharma.

The Age of Antivirals is here and hardly anyone even knows it.

Watch Dr Pierre Kory’s exasperation and frustration. His team has an extraordinary 2,000 peer review publications on medicine between them. As he says: All we have focused on is repurposed drugs. All they focus on is novel and expensive drugs.

Any further deaths are needless deaths. “I cannot keep doing this”.

The NIH — their last recommendation was August. All I ask is for the NIH to review our data.

Please, just review our manuscript.The amount of evidence is immense.

h/t Phillip M, David B, George,

ABOUT the Doctors

Dr. Pierre Kory is board-certified in critical medicine, pulmonary diseases, and internal medicine. He has worked closely with critical COVID-19 patients across the US throughout the pandemic. He is the chief of the critical care service and medical director of the trauma and life support center at the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Paul Marik, who Dr. Kory calls the group’s “intellectual leader”, is endowed professor of medicine and chief of the division of pulmonary and crucial care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Watch more: Dr. Pierre Kory talks to NewsNOW after emotional Senate hearing on COVID-19: Youtube
NewsNOW from FOX! https://bit.ly/3lMoziB

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