Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Raids, probes of massive election fraud continue

We have been watching an exercise in criminal disclosure.  The scale is breathtaking and today, without a redo, the lected lack all legitimacy.

None of us really know what the end game happens to be. Thousands deserve to go to prision.  We have all seen their crimes.  It has gone far beyond excuse.

What has happened is that we all know it.  The partisans cannot excuse it either..

« Raids, probes of massive election fraud continue

Vin Suprynowicz

Courts apparently intend to slow-walk election-fraud cases and their evidence till coronation of bribed-up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden is a fait accompli »

They scorn us and treat us like fools. But their desperate efforts to keep us isolated, their endless braying ‘No fraud! No fraud!’ actually show great fear. How long can an arrogant minority with insane, economically suicidal, and vastly unpopular policies suppress a free, armed people?

How do you suppress a majority that’s now spent four years and more watching the Deep State playing keep-away, sternly proclaiming “We’ll hold hearings, we’ll get to the bottom of this and heads will roll!” a song-and-dance that waits for the next shiny object to distract the crowd and then peters out to nothing, always protecting its own from paying any price for their treason?

Donald Trump exposed them, and their propagandists in the press. Should he have fired a hundred Deep Staters at DOJ, FBI, CIA? A thousand of them? Ten thousand? Probably. But — despite being harassed and hounded on totally bogus pretexts every day from even before he took office — President Trump concentrated his energies on positive accomplishments: better trade deals, restoring the energy industry, cutting taxes and regulations, PROSPERITY. He assumed the public would respond with an outpouring of support. We did.

What more should he have done? Nuked the treasonous, corrupt, cackling uniparty scum who now to aim to destroy what’s left of our Republic with their rigged Venezuelan vote-manipulation machines and their truckloads of fake “mail-in” ballots in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Las Vegas? How about New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles? You think THEY haven’t been doing it?

Based on ACTUAL votes — not the kind manufactured on some Internet-linked computer in Barcelona or Frankfurt. not the kind of “mail-in ballot” printed en masse in Red China and brought in by the truckload through Mexico — Republicans at this point should probably have veto-proof majorities in both houses. You don’t think the Deep State Crime Families just started this crap a few months ago, do you?

Donald Trump is not the kind of guy who responds to endless harassment and persecution by rounding up thousands of corrupticrats and locking them behind barbed wire in some football stadium, while their houses with their freezers full of gourmet ice cream burn in the night and the firing squads get to work.

For better or worse, given how incorrigibly the Forces of Evil cling to their hog trough, always covering for one another, that guy may have to come next.

The answer is not to “secede.” We are the majority. The answer is to turn off the TV, starve the Fake News “legacy” media, and stop delivering food or anything else produced in a healthy, productive America to their decrepit communist enclaves. Let them starve. You think their Antifa mommies’ boys are going to come out here to get it?

Why do they use their control over mass communications — including even Facecrook, Screwtube, Doodle, Twatter — to block us from speaking to and hearing from each other?

Coupled with the endless braying propaganda by the bought-off corporate media that Trump (who probably received 90 million votes by any honest count) “lost, he should be a man and concede, no fraud here, move along!”, the shutting down of bars, taverns, and churches, along with medically useless “masking” and “social distancing” – on the absurd premise that the Chinese Flu is killing anyone but the feeble elderly – is designed to isolate us so we can’t compare notes, plan, communicate.

Why? Because they vaguely remember that something bad happened to their arrogant, sneering kind, back between1775 to 1781. Because they are afraid of us:

Maria Bartiromo – Intel source told her Trump did indeed win the election (duh), it’s up to Supreme Court to take the cases and stop the clock. (A pretty slender reed of hope):

Deep State pushes to deep-six Ratcliffe’s report on Chinese interference in 2020 election. (And who dares stand with Trump in the crisis?):

Ratcliffe – “There was foreign election interference,” but his Dec. 18 report is now delayed. (Why do we think Dec. 26-28 might be an interesting weekend?):

Michigan attorney DePerno can prove Dominion CEO lied when he said Antrim County Dominion were “sealed and locked” – photos taken during inspection show missing seal:

Corrupt Michigan Democrat Secretary of State REFUSES TO TESTIFY about election theft before legislative committee:

Ken Starr agrees with Alan Dershowitz – Pennsylvania “flagrantly violated” election laws before 2020 election:

Amistad Project reveals election manipulation funding from Facecrook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Is that racketeering? Conspiracy? Can you get arrested for that?

Trump campaign attorney tells Senate committee more than 42,000 people voted more than once in Nevada. (With wat party do you think most of them are registered?):

Deep State backstabber and multi-millionaire Mitch McConnell — whose wife Elaine Chao has plenty of profitable dealings with the Red Chinese — warns senators not to challenge 2020 election results:

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