Monday, December 14, 2020

Practising Yoga


I write this as a perspective on what is called Yoga for the spiritual seeker.   I have imbibed the words of many yoga teachers to develop a clearer grasp of what they understand they understand.  This is also a good practise for all students of yoga.

all students begin by learning how to still the mind, whatever that may mean.  Many practises are shown but they all allow you to first drop back into the Theta state which takes at least fifteen minutes and consistent practise.  Expect frustration initially.

Now the purpose of all this is to allow the other side to provide guidance and contact.  This can include been introduced to your guru or even communicating directly or to have a trip out among the stars to view the universe.  Understand the Guru includes Yesua and any other past gurus as well, but usually living gurus who can instruct you as well.

What i do emphasize is that you are only in control of your ability to still your mind and that takes ample practise and far too much patience for most. You depend on the other side to share things with you.

It is now easy to morph into discussions on prayers and mantras all of which either help still the mind or alternately send requests to the other side.  The other side will actually help you provided it will be good for you.

The other side is also clarified insamuch as our third tier bodies are operated by our spirit bodies or second tier bodies assisted by separate spirit bodies tasked with helping us.  This has been reported in mulitiple ways to been beyond much dispute.  Just know it.

By now it should be clear that the way of the yoga happens to be desirable, but many examples have also made that clear.  What i do add is that reading the scriptures will discover a consistency in teaching from the other side while also  developing your ability to reason carefully.  Is this good? is the GOD question.

A Christian practising Yoga.

A Buddhist practising Yoga

A hindu practising Yoga

A Muslim practising Yoga

A Daoist practising Yoga

What is clear is that the scripture informs but the Practise leads directly to instruction from the other side and a deep understanding of its reality.  Otherwise you depend on faith and that can be good but it can be much better.

Combine this practise with plenty of contemplative meditation as well.  The concentrating mind is a wonderful tool that needs scant encouragement.  Learn to feed this monkey.  All good and what happens is that the other side will feed you insights and tips to investigate.  They will not be always right so you will hone your mind as well.  I had been doing all this all my life before i really learned to still the mind which now comes much easier.  All good.

The purpose of all this is to personally advance in this lifetime which can even be largely extended.  I have been shown the Inner Sun once.  This impossibility mastered would allow me to flood my spirit body with energy and plausibly emulate the miracles of Yesua.  Once seen, everything else is a parlor trick of no consequence.  Understand Yesua appeared in his physical prime of age thirty.  With the Inner Sun, he might have been centuries old.

Learn to be worthy.  Even this is a choice.

Jesus is at the center of our altar because he appeared to the yoga master Babaji and asked him to send someone to the West to spread the teachings of original Christianity. Jesus told Babaji that his followers needed to learn how to receive him through deep meditation, as beautifully described in the verse, “As many as received Him, to them He gave the power to become children of God” (John 1:12). He said that although his followers still do good works, they have lost the ability to commune inwardly with God. Because of Jesus’s request, Paramhansa Yogananda came to the West. Thus, Jesus Christ is honored with a place on our altars and in our daily prayers.


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