Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Globalists Are Attempting to Create "Hell On Earth" Before Jesus Can Return


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We are all engaged in a planned communist insurrection that is been countered.  I am told that the good guys win.  Yet we are all powerless to intervene in practise.

Not pleasant to watch when you at least know that you have skin in the game.  Not knowing would be so much easier.  It has only been possible to remain fully informed by knowing we win.

If the worst that we know holds true, then the world is in for a massive shock.

We have clearly entered the end game. I do not know the details.  Recall Indonesia ended the Communist threat by executing 100,000 communists. Now we have the CCP database of spies. it could be really ugly..

The Globalists Are Attempting to Create "Hell On Earth" Before Jesus Can Return

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 15:13.

This is the final push of the globalists, This is their end game. They know that they are running out time and they need to fulfill their Satanic agenda by wiping out all non-compliant life on this planet before Jesus can return and restore order.

Everyone from Mike Adams to Sam Honnold is seemingly telling people "that Dave Hodges was right about the CHICOMS." If one is willing to admit that the CHICOMS pose and existential threat to every American, then please pay attention to this warning. Everything that you own, you will lose. The sanctity of your family is in jeopardy. The FEMA camps, especially the ones run by foreigners will take the lives of millions of innocent Americans that cannot be converted, or re-educated.

Anyone with eyes to see can see that the globalists are intent on destroying everything that is American and/or Christian. Many are saying that the Democrats are the party of the Deep State. It is far worse than that. The progressive Democrats are the party of Satan.

This article will highlight only a few nuggets that serve to stand in testament to the fact that we have been invaded in this country. The invasion is not merely, from anti-constitutional Democrats and Republican and their Deep State benefactors. At the root of this systemic takeover is Satan and his "end days" agenda.

Bill Gates and His Big Mouth Cannot Be Making the Satanists Happy

If the globalists wanted to somewhat disguise their end game intentions for humanity, they instruct Bill Gates to keep his mouth shut. Gates has not been elected to any political office. He has no MD degree. Yet, this soulless creature, without the permission of the people continues to dictate policy, both politically and medically.

The following two sources, listed by link, speak to Gates desire totally destroy the American economy and deliver a death blow to American mental health as well as he dispenses his edict based on his unqualified medical opinion. I am thankful for his loose tongue, because he is warning us that the destruction of America is a primary objective of his colleagues!

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