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Most Of The Planet Is COLDER TODAY Than Most Of Past 8000 Years

I essentially knew this, but did not have really good charts.  Again we are talking about the Holocene which is post Pleistocene Nonconformity of 12,900 years ago which triggered the 2000 year melt of the Great Ice Age after which thye Holocene kicked in.

The main reason for this dropping temperature happens to be the desertification of the Asian temperate zone and the Sahara.  This was mostly caused by human agriculture and is completely reversable using human agriculture.  I do think we are talking about a full global degree here and is the first major step in Terra Forming Terra.

This will also lead to a huge moderation of the  general climate as well and the contining elimination of sea ice in the Arctic.  We may even see a major improvement in the climate of coastal Greenland and a restoration of Cattle raising there..


Planet Is COLDER TODAY Than Most Of Past 8000 Years

By P Gosselin on 18. December 2020

Undisputed temperature reconstructions from around the world show the planet was much warmer over most of the Holocene (past 10,000 years) than it is today. 

Kenneth recently wrote how a wealth of new research in glacier and sea ice extent show modern Iceland is 2-4°C colder than all of the last 8000 years. Only the late 19th century was slightly colder.

That post was featured at WUWT, and a reader there presented other graphs from other parts of the world suggesting the early Holocene was warmer worldwide.

First, South America going back 100 years, which shows it was much warmer from the 1930s to the 1950s than it is today:

Next we have a temperature reconstruction from the Canadian Arctic going back 7000 years:

Note, as many of us have already known, the Arctic was indeed much warmer earlier in the Holocene than it is today.

Finally we look at the Swiss Alps going back 9000 years:

Here we see that the Alps are very cold today compared to the early Holocene. This has also been confirmed by old tree trunks found under glaciers.

The reader at WUWT added he has “a lot more of these types of graphs that show very clearly that the WHOLE WORLD has been much warmer than now for MOST of the last 10,000 years.”

And indeed there are many!

Medieval Warm Period confirmed by hundreds of papers

Dr. Sebastian L√ľning’s admirable and outstanding reference Medieval Warm Period Map here shows hundreds climate reconstructions for that period. There we find an abundant number of studies showing today’s climate is nothing unusual compared to 1000 years ago.

Here you will find 80 charts from 58 peer-reviewed papers showing the same.

This massive data record these papers represent is not going to go away.

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Factotum said...

Stick with math and theoretical physics. You are way out of your depth when you venture into the science of the natural world.
When faced with this ideological dilemma, free-market advocates often resolve the cognitive dissonance by simply rejecting the reality of climate change, rather than acknowledging that their axiom is fundamentally flawed.

for example: This just assumes that the antarctic represents the entire planet. Which represents a degree of scientific ignorance and stupidity that is unbelievable. In fact the entire planet has been cooling for the past 6000 years, NOT warming. And if you were not true believers in the cult of libertarianism you would have done five min of basic research. This is one of 3M hits on a search of earth temp 10000 years.

if that is to much effort, here is a picture:

Oh yea... being a conservative also makes you a coward. I really doubt that you will approve this post :-)