Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Alien Introspections

An alien introspection happens to be welcome about now while we wait for the ultimate shoe to drop.  The TEN days of darkness is supposed to end yesterday.  Up until now we have had disquieting rumors of disloyalty here and there.

Yet this process has been orchestrated in order to flush them all out.  so we must really trust the plan.

I do think that my GEAS will soon be  liberated and I can get on with the task of ending global poverty as a starter.  The break taking place will be that Epochal.  Yet it is also curious to write these words to throw them to the wind..  New knowledge is like that.

Alien Introspections

by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise


I’ve been writing quite a lot about UFOs and aliens lately. Some folks (including my own daughter) say that’s just a diversion—hey, look at this shiny yellow thing!—and that I should keep my attention focused on Beijing Biden and his scum-sucking, belly-crawling low-lives—so low that worms look down on them—trying to steal this election and our country for George Soros and the Chinese communists.

It’s entirely possible that folks are right, although there’s damned little I can do about the political situation. I write at least one essay every week, as vitriolic as I can make it. I’ve just learned that some vandals have let the wonderful Arecibo radio telescope collapse and the world needs to know—and revile—their names. I’m helping to make FOX go bankrupt by not turning the bastards on, even Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin. Donald Trump is my guy and Ol’ Joe Stumble-tongue will never be the President of anything except the catbox.

However I keep having this vision, especially when I’m about to fall asleep at night. It’s the Fifteenth century. Two Indian warriors are standing on a bluff, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. They’re from different tribes and they’re fighting, hammer and nails, tooth and claw, spear and tomahawk, over some non-trivial matter when they look up—and there are tall white sails on the horizon. That didn’t seem to change their perspective. Should we let it change ours?

This stolen election business is about as far from trivial as it can get. If we Americans allow Democrats to get away with it, then the same thugs our fathers and grandfathers fought and died and killed to stop, in Germany, in Korea, in Vietnam, and in the Middle East will win the world and you and I get to take orders from the commissars for the rest of our lives, which will be nasty, brutish, and short—if we’re lucky. As Amnesty International famously said, socialist governments are killing machines. And the Democrats’ infatuation with slavery never seems to have worn off.

But I keep wondering what difference visitors from Out There might make if they came out. I have to—it’s my job, damn it. Could be there are no alien visitors, although increasing numbers of retired government officials from various countries say there are, and there are those pesky Navy fighter gun camera photographs. Rumors that the Donald was going to declassify everything are interesting. Could be the aliens don’t care that we’re committing cultural suicide, they just want to watch and make bets. But the Israeli general says they’ve already prevented more than one nuclear war. Anyway, where will they get their chocolate—Earth’s Number One export, I’ll wager—from now on?

So you see, I’m not just ignoring current events—as ignorable as they may be—I’m simply trying to look deeper into the future than most people do. My job, remember? I’m the guy who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union in my second novel when everybody else—including my editor, supposedly a Soviet affairs “expert”—called it mere wishful thinking. I predicted the Internet. wall-sized video screens, and laptop computers in my first novel. I predicted that the terrible economic threat of Japan, Inc. was a paper tiger. (Too bad I didn’t predict cell phones.) I predicted in my “Maidenform Bra” speech that tax cuts would make us all rich. Donald Trump proved me right about that and the left wing hates it. The left hates peace, genuine progress, and prosperity; there’s nothing in it for them. They desperately need to create all the destruction, devastation, and depression they can, so they can promise frightened voters to repair it, which, of course, they never do.

To a left-wing politician, a solved problem is a threat.

In all honesty, I don’t know about aliens. It appears that there are several different kinds. There’s a hilarious rumor that Ivanka Trump is a Pleiadian—a Jewish Nordic—but I’ll bet my favorite hat that, if they’ve been around long enough, whoever they are, they know, from sad experience like we’re going through right now, that socialism, communism, collectivism of any kind, doesn’t work. It generates nothing but poverty, starvation, and death (and when it doiesn’t work, collectivist politicians inevitably blame the people and start shooting them in large numbers). Hey, the Pilgrims figured it out, which is why we celebrate Thanksgiving. What remains on the left are those who are too stupid, too evil, or too crazy to learn from the historical experience of others.

As to the rest of us, Where We Go 1, We Go All, right?

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