Monday, October 5, 2020

Sasquatch contact

This is a big one. The writer as a child found himself playing in the woods with a hairy child. He ultimately caught on to the fact that they communicated mind to mind. The Hairy child's parents kept tabs as well but allpowed this to carry on.

Then they left the district. Years later he returned and reconnected with the now adult Sasquatch. Turns out that Bigfoot does not linger to avoid human hunters. It is a real danger to them. The writer maintains full contact and trade as well through gifting. All this fully confirms my conjecture regarding the possibility of working relationships. Yet a bushel of apples could be viewed as a trap as well.

The take home is that they are alrerady able to be willing partners with human beings and that real freindship is possible. This is a huge breakthrough and comfirmation.

Thje big news is that mind to mind is easy once initiated.

Also additional confirmation that there are bad creatures in the forest as well. We do know about the Giant Sloth which is plentiful as well..

What comes out is that we need to follow up and create safe spaces and shared spaces for contact.

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