Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hitting Back to the ABC Reporter "How Long do you Think the CCP will Last when Housewives are Standing up for themselves?"

China stands accused of malice aforethought and the outright direct dessemination of the disease globally.  What remains odd is their lack of ability to counter this narritive at all.

Eliminatoion and replacement of the CCP by the GLOBE is a pressing priority.  Today we have the FROG treatment working.

Everyone understands that this problem has a Chinese origen and everyone is engaged in eliminating the problem.  At the same time trade pressure is rising.

And yes the people of China are hitting the bricks.

Hitting Back to the ABC Reporter "How Long do you Think the CCP will Last when Housewives are Standing up for themselves?"

Operation Disclosure | By Giselle, Guest Writer 

October 12, 2020

Hitting back to the ABC reporter: How long do you think the CCP will last when housewives are standing up for themselves?

October 9, the day Dr. Limeng Yan released her second scientific report about the truth of C19. ABC news website published an article titled "Bannon-related anti-communist groups promote false information about corona_virus in Australia”.

The article was written in a tongue of the "victim", politicizing the whole event and accusing these revolutionary spotters in Australia who are trying to save lives by distributing leaflets and exposing the truth as "spreading false and harmful misinformation". In fact, the author of that article avoids talking about the motives to distribute leaflets. If the mainstream media has not lose their conscience and principles, the truth should be published already and no efforts might need from those young moms pushing strollers and handing out flyers door-to-door.

It is precisely because the mainstream media in Australia been kidnapped by the political and business conglomerates, infiltrated and manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party, so that the truth about the virus cannot be disseminated and that's the reason these righteous and brave people spontaneously step out to make things right. They have are not different from the majority of ordinary Australians: some of them work full time and can only use their commuting to hand out leaflets; some are retired who don't have access to the internet, so they choose to hand out leaflets; others are students, housewives, doctors, designers, etc. It's not difficult to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is fine, however, that is out of their conscience, out of common sense. When they realize that something is wrong, they choose to tell the truth and save more lives.

You can mock me for wasting time, but I pity you for your ignorance.

The article quotes information from the Australian CCP Virus Clinical Evidence Task Force (NC19CET) stating that there is no evidence that hydroxychloroquine alone can be used to treat CCP virus.

Indeed, it is common knowledge that hydroxychloroquine sulphate cannot be used alone, but must be used in combination with zinc, at safe doses, to be effective. Either the authors have not done their homework, or they are deliberately overgeneralizing and lacking the strength to argue against the therapeutic and preventive benefits of "hydroxychloroquine sulphate + zinc".

It is not difficult to figure out whether hydroxychloroquine sulphate is effective or not. If it is allowed to be widely discussed in the media, widely used and compared by the medical community, and widely argued by the academic community, the results are easy to come by. However, nearly nine months have passed since Luthor exposed the truth about the virus on January 19 this year, almost all the mainstream media, medical authorities and academic authorities around the world have overwhelmingly concluded that hydroxychloroquine sulphate is toxic and unsuitable for treating C19, is this normal? How innocent is hydroxychloroquine sulphate when a common drug that has been used for 65 years and is suitable for pregnant women and children is suddenly knocked out?

Up until October 10, 1,071,947 people have died from the virus worldwide, and each digit corresponds to a broken family, with 37,077,094 people infected worldwide and up to 200,000 to 300,000 new ones added daily! The life-saving hydroxychloroquine sulphate is right in front of us and the public can't get it because they have are blocked by prescription rules! The people listen to doctors, doctors listen to the authority, and the authority listens to the Chinese Communist Party. This is the cruel and absurd reality of the so called powerful, democratic, mainstream West.

So, Iris (ABC reporter), tell me, please, what would you do if you were put in my shoes? Do you fight to expose the truth, or do you sit back and let people die? You know what? Many of our fellow fighters are sharing tears while desperately tweeting and leafleting and spreading the truth that they just want to save a few more lives and that this world should not be dragged into a dark abyss.

The article quotes Professor Edward Holmes of the University of Sydney as saying that Dr. Limeng Yan's report is "full of imagination and sensationalism" and that "there is no reliable data to show that the new corona_virus (SARS-CoV-2) did not evolve naturally".

Wikipedia shows that this Holmes professor is an evolutionary biologist and virologist for a wide variety of viruses, so I wonder if this professor has had any direct contact with corona_viruses? Dr. Yan is a virologist at P3 Laboratory in Hong Kong, the official liaison between WHO and the Chinese Communist Party and was personally involved in the investigation of the C19 outbreak. Dr. Yan's husband and supervisor were even involved in the entire development of this virus. In this world, can you find a more professional and convincing witness than Dr. Yan? What is your purpose in not believing Dr. Yan's scientific report and instead adopting the opinion of an outsider?

An article interview with Adam Ni, Director of the China Policy Centre, argues that misinformation harms China-Australia bilateral relations and exacerbates racial discrimination against Chinese and Asian Australians.

Disseminating false information, hurting China-Australia relations and endangering Australia's national interests is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party has been doing to Australia for decades. Prior to the outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party sent companies and individuals with Chinese government backgrounds, including the Greenland Group, to sweep the world for medical supplies, hoarding more than 2 billion masks and medical protective gear, leading to a global shortage of medical protective gear, including 3 million surgical masks, 500,000 double hoods and large quantities of disinfectant purchased by the Greenland Group in Australia and other countries.

The Chinese Communist Party has blocked domestic flights and sealed off Wuhan but has allowed five million high-risk virus carriers to fly around the world, leading to a massive global outbreak. Australia's first case of C19 infection was flown in from the Chinese Communist Party on January 19. As of October 10, 27,229 people have been infected and 897 people have died across Australia, the economy is in recession, the aviation and service industries have been almost destroyed, a number of borders in Victoria, NSW and Queensland have been blocked, and Australians have lost their lives, jobs, property, and normal lives. When Australia's Prime Minister Morrison asked to go to the Chinese Communist country in April this year to investigate the truth about the virus, the Chinese Communist government has threatened to restrict the import of Australian wine, beef and minerals, all the damage to Australia's national security, it is exactly the truth that Whistleblower Movement members are sharing.

The article quotes Katz Roth, who studies China and online extremism at the University of Tasmania, as saying that Mr. Guo Wengui's campaign is an "ambitious project" with little chance of actually changing Chinese politics, and attempting to conflate Mr. Guo's revolutionary outbursts with the factional competition in the US election.

This statement fully exposes Katz's ignorance. As an expert on China, he has been fed information by Chinese Communist Party pseudo-professionals, spies, and the state media. He also has never been exposed to the truth. The sadness of Western scholars is also the result of the CCP's all-out unrestricted war. The Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China, was attacked by the Chinese Communist Party and the global dark forces because it had already dealt a fatal blow to the CCP and had the power to change the world landscape. However, as shown earlier, how long do you think the CCP will last when the housewives are stepping out against them?

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KP said...

Our Prime Minister was just being his usual lapdog self to the Yanks when he called for an Official Investigation into the emergence of Covid-19.
He knows, as we all do, there will be no 'neutral' committee, it will be pre-determined to accuse the Chinese of everything imaginable.

The Chinese blockages of our exports to them was in retaliation of us tagging along on America's leash into the South China Sea, where countries from thousands of km away are harassing the Chinese in their own neighbourhood.

Sadly the rather confusing article does not mention what the leaflets are about, leaving readers bemused as to what the housewives are worried over. If it is a cure for Covid, then that has been well-publicised here by a medical researcher saying Ivermectin and Vit D will fix it. Of course the Govt ignores that, they are owned by the pharmacuetical industry and thus should be ignored.