Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dogman attack


This report is the last third of this podcast.  It is the Giant Sloth again and it is particularly noteworthy that he was ordered directly to only report a bear attack.

We get a pretty complete picture of the attack itself until the point in which he passed out.  He awoke laid out in a shallow grave and lightly covered.  The purpose of this was to establish a maggot farm.  He arose and went to a running creek.  It had enough water to allow him to float himself downriver well away and escape luckily to a hunting camp where the hunters were able to fully rescue him.  He thus survived the whole expereince.

Plenty have not and this is confirmation of the practise of laying out a corpse for a maggot farm which i surmised even without any such serious indication as this.

He and his buddy were  both grossly under armed for this encounter.  I suspect that these creatures operate at a lower metabolism and lower temperature than we expect.  You need a powerful rifle.  Military grade semi automatic should be good enough as i think that a single shot will not be heavy enough to stop this.

It is possible that they stumbled into close by denning area as well.

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