Friday, October 2, 2020

China's Intentions

This is very important.  The present global system is based on politically and economically independent nations, most of whom arose because the USA made it so.  Prior to WWII hte world was ruled by economic mercantalism and colonial authoritarism.  That is a mere seventy years ago. This system worked by excluding markets to benefit market owners while excluding competition.   

Russia maintained this system while the west devolved political control and economic control as well.  this allowed colonial proto states to emerge amd progress economically.  Today most are on a strong grow out phase.

This all made imperial investment difficult.  On the other hand, all former imperial powers were busy rebuilding wealth and credit for the next three generations.  In the meantime the USA has kept the peace generally.  Recent aberations are driven by third party plotting that have now been chilled.

So CHINA coming along applying mercantalism to gin up a new colonial empire is about as stupid as stupid can be.  It means that the USA has 200 volunteer countries happy to join the USA to oppose Chinesse adventurism.  China has now proven just that.  Their BELT and Road Initiative has just turned into a CHASTITY BELT.

And now the USA dollars are running out.

China is striving for global leadership. And it has the economic clout to make this vision a reality. From policing the internet to reordering global trade to cracking down in Hong Kong, Beijing has shifted the focus of world leadership away from the US.

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