Saturday, January 16, 2021

Is IT Possible that last years flu vaccine was adulterated with the Rna?

 Is it possible that the ccp tested their RNA vaccine experiment on the residents of Wuhan, then announced COV19 as flu season then hit with a vengence?

They are possibly now promoting a vaccine containing that same agency in order to infect the globe to produce a COV 19 epidemic?

The vaccine induces the pandemic and not the otherway around,

If the rna based vaccine was put out as part of the flu vaccine promotion we would have had the next cold virus wave behave just like covid 19 has behaved to produce a cytominbe storm.  That is frightening.

An obvious trick to do in order to test a novel vaccine is to fold it into the unsuspecting audience with hte flu vaccine promotiln.  You could do this is China.  when it blew up as was highly possible, then we had the move to cover this all up.

So why the vaccine promotion now?  could we be at war?  Are these vaccines engineered to trigger COV 19 responses in order to collapse the human population?

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