Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Elvis? Diana?JFK jr?

Very famous celeberties have exited this world in a very public death and in what could also be seen as a timely manner.  Any such death is not unusual.  The coincidence is that they conform in terms of personal convenience in terms of career ending.  How are they all so lucky?

This would be a great business plan.  And who better than Donald Trump in making it all work?

It is no trick to fund a blind trust that supports the former celeberty comfortably in complete obscurity.  What matters is to arrange for witness protection to handle the details and then to pay for the faux death event.  Trusted agents need to be involved which is exactly what Trump naturally sustains and supports as a natural part of his Hotel business.

WE have JFK jr 's air crash, heavily orchestrated, then Diana in a witness proof tunnel, Elvis and Michael Jackson and Witney Houston in bath rooms, and others as well.

They all would have trusted Trump to make them disappear and it would have been a neat business as well and also a powerful tool to have on hand.

This is a crazy story of course, but it is possible.  So why am I hearing these gives all over the place?  Precursers are been put out..

From Utsava:

"Elvis will perform at Trump's inauguration. Diana will give a speech. Michael Jackson will be in the crowd."Eyes open yet fam?

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