Tuesday, January 12, 2021

3 Reasons Why Neuroplasticity is Life-Changing

This is from the arrowsmith newsletter.  It is confirmation of something that I had suspected but did not know how to approach proof.  It tells us that learning a new language drives brain growth through additional wiring.  

The big take home is that education needs to focus on language training in particular.  The immediate corrollory to this is that mathematics is in fact a language.  This is not trivial.  It tells us that IQ improvement is best served by mathematics training.

Memory mastery is nice but it can allow you to pass course after course without getting smarter.  In fact it allows you to master all the obsolete knowledge out there.  Creating new knowledge means application of new patterns using logic to perfect the work.

Proper language training is difficult to achieve in most languages while mathematics does have a plan that works.  We need to improve language teaining at the school level.

3 Reasons Why Neuroplasticity is Life-Changing

Neuroplasticity is a scientific concept that has been around for many years but is now becoming much more widely understood. Before it was widely accepted, people used to believe that, after the initial childhood development period, a person’s brain was permanently fixed. The everyday effects of neuroplasticity, however, are neither novel nor mysterious, and they affect our lives and culture in many ways. Here are the 3 reasons why neuroplasticity is life-changing.

The brain has the capacity to heal after injury due to trauma or a stroke, which was believed to be impossible before.

With proper training, children and adults with learning disabilities have the opportunity to improve cognitive function over time.

Learning a new language causes both anatomical and functional neural pattern changes in the brain.

This amazing truth gives us the opportunity to envision a different reality, the motivation to buckle down and strive towards new abilities, and the conviction required to overcome setbacks like injury or disability that might have seemed permanent not long ago!

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