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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 6 - Sacred Registers Part 6 - Kohar

Some illumination on the nature of the Kohar.  It has been alluded to a number of times but needed explanation. Add in my conjecture that we actuate in the form of perhaps thirty aspects who occupy a time window of around a century and we have a lot of data to preserve and to integrate.  Then understand that we also progress through perhaps eight human life spans and we are talkng about eight centuries.  Thus we surely demand a Kohar who handles all the data work of what could be the output of two hundred and fifty lifetimes over eight centuries.

I have actually met one of my aspects born on the same day and   I have also been told that i am on my eight life.  Thus I plausibly began in the thirteenth century.  This makes for real leaps of the imagination when you add in that i was mostly a seaman navigator through all of it.    Before i was told this i had never considered an affinity to any of that except in hindsight it is the only way for a natural math talent.

Thus the importance of a Kohar becomes apparent when we understand such a rich passage through the material plane.  I use the image of the Egyptian god Bast because i think it may well describe the nature of the Kohar as well.



The man who was becomes the Pilgrim. He has crossed the waters, he has passed the Grim Guardian, he waits without the Place of Union and stands firmly. He is not afraid and stands resolute. The Cool Gracious One approaches with three jars of water and refreshes him.

The Pilgrim says, "Behold, O Watcher at the Gate, I have laid up treasure enough in the storehouse of love, therefore allow me to pass. The love of those who have gone before, see is it not a large quantity and sufficient to draw me upward? See the love of those who remain behind, is it not a large quantity and sufficient to draw me upward?" The Watcher hears his words.

The Grim Guardian counts and weighs and says, "Pass". Then this man passes and goes beyond the Lake of Wisdom, past the Winding Channel of Experiences, over the flooded Field of Reeds, to the Eastern side of the Region of Light where he will be renewed in birth into the Higher Spheres.

The Pilgrim now stands before the Womb of Heaven where those who enter as pure seed are brought forth into union with God. This man passes by to where the attendants help him to assume the Robe of Glory. They welcome him.

"Behold", they say, "His Kohar has brought this man powers to make him complete. The powers he gave into the keeping of his Kohar during the prayer times on Earth have returned greatly magnified. This man has joined the Joyful Company, he has left his old, discarded body in the Region of Heaviness, to assume another more glorified one in the Region of Light.

The Kohar greets the Pilgrim and says, "I welcome you, my own". The Kohar says to those about, "This is my own, he has washed in the Lake of Wisdom and passed by the Caverns of Distrust and Doubt. Let us, therefore, enter in peace when the Great Door is opened for the United Being in the East, the door leading to the Place of The One True God above all gods, whose manifestations are secret mysteries".

Before going further they pass by a side entrance to the Region of Darkness where vile and sorrowful things lurk, the Lost Ones, those who served in the ranks of evil on Earth. O Great Kohar, stop the ears of your own; that he may not hear the mournful waitings of the doomed ones left behind!

They who are the companions of the Pilgrim cry out, "O Kohar, guide your own right, guide him up the Ladder of Life which he must traverse again; strengthen its rungs, support him, so he bears lightly upon them, let not the rungs break beneath his weight. This is the test of deeds long since done, where evil bears down heavily".

"O Kohar, your own is weak and falters, yet your arms are strong, therefore lift them to support him, that he may surmount to the heights above. Do this, that he may sit with those who have understanding and perception, that his feet may be welcomed in the Fields of Peace and that he may take his place among the Glorious Ones".

Blessed is the Kohar who safeguards all memories, storing them as men store com; who retains these for the use of the Reborn Ones; who can recall all that men forget and can draw forth a memory as men draw water from a well. The Kohar is the eternal recorder. Pilgrims become Risen Ones and enter their Kohars as a soul enters a body, and in unity they become Glorious Ones. 

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