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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 8 - Sacred Registers Part 8

Extraordinary allusion here to the tongue of the seafarers and that in two generations it has been forgotten. Obviously traffic had ended. 

We also have direct reference to named peoples and places..

Land of the rising Waters. ( the sea? )
Wings of the Firehawk ( protection of high preist? )
Scarlet Robed Ones. ( preisthood? )
Opener of Ways. ( good name for a spiritual master )
Place beyond the Western Horizon ( Libya if this is Egypt )
Gwemi  ( celtic word for white. - may be insertion or simply a word for the land of the white goddess - arclein )

This is still a prayer over a deceased women and an obvious addition to the previous liturgy.




These are the supplications of Dkeb, the Stranger, who came from the Land of Rising Waters and was known to us as the Opener of the Ways, he came under the wings of the Firehawk. He was the first of the Scarlet Robed Ones, the right hand of Glanvanis. That was in the time of our fathers' fathers, and the tongue of the seafarers is no longer in the mouth of men.

0 Great Being of Beauty, Brilliant One who greets the Newcomers arriving in the Place Beyond the Western Horizon, this woman is your daughter, your daughter is she. See, she is pure in spirit and clean in heart. She is modest and womanlike, so let her pass to live in the Pastures of Life, in the Land of New Dawning where all is wholesome.

Let her be purified by the maidens of Orshafa, let them purify her, let her be washed and dried by the attendants at the clean, sweet waters of life. Let the nine Delicate Ones minister to her, let her be clothed in garments of decency, for she is a womanly woman. O Great and Glorious One, give this woman your hand, clasp her hand with womanly tenderness. Spread out your falcon wings over her, spread protecting wings around her. She has followed the tedious ways of womankind and has glorified life with her presence. She has endured affliction with patience and made her home hearth a place of peace and content. Let her roam the pastures of the Blessed Ones and penetrate into the farthest regions of light.

1 raise my hands in supplication. The flame is lit, it bums brightly, fragrant incense is placed in the bowl and it becomes aglow. Its sweet perfume rises into the recesses above. O Happy Risen One, O Beautiful Being glowing with womanly goodness, treasurer of all the virtues, purify yourself for admittance into the Higher Regions. The incense we offer here is your indravm breath of renewed life. It flUs your lungs, you breathe and because you breathe you live. This is the best incense from the Land of Gwemi, differing not from that which our fathers knew when they travelled the water road. O Beautified One, my heart lingers at the place where you rest, my heart is with you, entwined with yours. How sweet your breath, how pleasant your perfume, how gentle your whispers, how delicate the rustle of your attire. O newly become Beauteous One, you are not alone.

Rise blue perfumed smoke, rise cleaning fragrance, rise sweet wholesome offerings, rise like fluttering birds on wings of purified air to the glorious regions of light which he away beyond our poor perception. Accept our sweet fragrance, O Beautified One, inhale our sweet smoke, O Ever Delicate One, may you enjoy the due reward of your labours and privations, of your selfless sacrifices. Be ever contented and peaceful, O dutiful wife and loving mother, hear our words, as they rise to you in the softly smouldering incense which comes shipbome to these shores.

Hear the voices of the waiting Welcomers greeting the Beauteous One who now joins them. They say, "Cast off" the old worn garment and array yourself in garments of radiant light, in the clothes of splendour which have awaited you. Bedeck yourself in the well earned jewels of spiritual reward.

"Henceforth you shall dwell here, walking about freely, to be honoured and loved. Here you will be renewed, be alert, vigorous and far reaching. The power of your spirit shall stretch out to every place. You take thought and fly on hawks wings. Your desire becomes a chariot with wings of light".

"Beyond the place of your first destination is the kingdom of the Lord of the Distant Sky. There he will permit manifestations in glory. There, henceforth, you shall walk in strength and beauty, being ever filled with life and power, garmented in loveliness for all eternity".

"There floodwaters of a glorious fluid light unknown here rise and fall in moderation, and therein you may bathe daily and taste the revitalising rests. Here your thirst may be slaked at the well of Divine Essence and your appetite appeased by the strange bread of everlasting life".

"This is your destiny, in the Land Beyond the Veil, therefore lift up your face in joy. Rise, lovely liveliness. You are one destined to be numbered among the Shining Ones and are warmly welcomed into the company of the Fragrant Ones. O happy one who enhanced earthly life with your presence, this is your reward. Many have done mighty things, but you have served with constancy and diligence, adding the small grains of goodness to the pile of merits until it exceeded in weight the great things done by others. We hail you, O victorious one!"

The Welcomers say among themselves, "How fair and bright the face of this Newcomer How fine must have been her life in the Region of Heaviness. Behold, here she is, renewed and made young again but with a loveliness unkown in the life left behind".

When she goes forward from here she is within her Kohar, they are one. Her vision is through the Kohar, her smell is through the Kohar. All she senses is through the Kohar. All she does and knows is through the Kohar.

Behold, she is among the Chosen. Henceforth, she becomes an Opener of the Way for those of her blood. Glorious is she and blessed are they! 

[ A rather correct explanation or aspect of the NDE evidence - arclein ]

Those are the supplications made for Milven, daughter of Mailon, son of Market the Stranger, according to the rites of the Sons of Fire. Ardwith kept it and it was done into this form at the place called Korinamba.;l/ 

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