Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 27 - Sacred Registers Pt 27

Here we have a love song ending with the comment that the ages of man have never been without love.

That could be a priestly add on.

All good and similar to offerings in the Hebrew Bible. 




I sing my song because the Earth sings; though the wind is hushed among the groves it still plays with soft melodic gaiety. The benevolent sky looks gently down, its breath stilled as it listens to the melody of the leaves. 

The dew smiles in the morning, for it has captured the light of love from the stars. My song is beautifiil because my heart dances gladly in my bosom, its joyfulness conveys gay music to my thoughts and places endearing words on my lips.

Because I am dedicated to love 1 have but one love, the beautiful container of my life. My heart is a lonely thing ever seeking companionship with yours. It is lost to you, so let it beat in your breast nestled against your heart, for there it surely belongs. My love is wholesome, not tainted by any residue of past affections; it is gentle and pure, therefore treat it with manly tenderness, for it is a precious treasure. I give it gladly and can give no more. 

That which I give to you I can give to no other man. For you the lovely pearl, for others the empty shell. 

Let me live just for you, let me serve as your housewife. Let me hold your child to my breast, let my eyes be gladdened by your presence each night and in the morning. Let me bask continuously in the wonderful radiance of your presence. Never part me from the source of my joyfulness and gaiety, but let us go down the corridor of  life together, your arm laid on my arm and my hand in your hand.

My heart is desolation, it is like a wilted flower. You are away, my love, and my eyes search the road for your coming. The caress of sleep eludes me, for your image is ever there beside me and I cannot find consolation with even the most comforting shadow. Come to me, my living love, that I may feel the warmth of your flesh and be at peace.

While you are absent I concern myself no more with things which give pleasure to a woman's heart. I neglect my hair arrangement and my diadem hangs disregarded. My curls are laid aside, for I await your coming to put  them on and greet you in my gaiety. The song is silent on my lips, for my heart is without joy. 

While you are away my heart slumbers, my bosom is empty. Come quickly, my love, that my heart may awaken and beat gladly with the pulse of life. I await your coming as the dawn awaits the sun, as the parched lands await  the rising waters.

My eyes search the nightskies and see the mating dance of the stars, the Earth about me throbs with the pulse  beat of love. The dark waters reflect the mystery of life, but I sit beside them desolate. Come to me my love, for none but you can awaken my response. I stand alone on the shore of the sea of love. Come, O come, that we  may enter the enchanted waters together.

Does the night long for the day as I long for you? Does the thirsty wayfarer long for water as I yearn for you? If  so, then truly they are to be pitied. O come, my living love, and fill my days with the sunshine of your love.

It seems the ages of man have never been loveless. 

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